Touch of Love

A poem

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2 min readApr 7, 2020


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Melting with just a single
Touch, my skin craves your's
Roughness and raw
I could feel the longing,
My goosebumps pointing,
In your way
Wanting to be soothed and
Fondled by your paws.

Your hands on my waist
Strong and firm,
Just like my devotion
And determination to be
With you till the end of
this realm

Your breath on my skin
Havocs the ocean
Building within,
Touch of your love
Breathes in life-
In my dull being

It isn’t sexual,
Rather sacred. It is not
about your manhood
and my femme fatal:
You carry a warmth,
which silences all storms
Melt all the icebergs,
which I built, alongside my
heart walls.

I feel like a child
Wanting to be stroked
Shedding all the inhibitions
Wanting love
Without second thoughts

Now and forever
Shall I make you promise
Protect that touch-
For me

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