looking out into the world
looking out into the world
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We Are Not Perfect & That’s Ok

Athirah Syamimi
Oct 14 · 3 min read

We are not perfect and that’s okay. That’s what makes us uniquely us. If you try to be the perfect person, you’ll end up losing yourself and even then, you won’t be perfect. Because everyone’s perspective is different.

You might be the best person to your sister but to the stranger on the street, you aren’t that great. I know, it sounds negative.

So, you shouldn’t strive to be perfect in everyone’s eyes. Be the best you that only you can be. When you focus on improving yourself to suit your standards, you’ll start seeing amazing results.

Be empowered by feedbacks

Where I’m from, feedbacks are taken to heart way too often. People often confuse feedbacks with criticism. Criticism is typically negative and doesn’t offer a solution while feedback is about improving the results.

Don’t be afraid of someone offering their feedback to improve your work.

Before you get defensive, listen to what they have to say. Thank them for their opinion. When you’re alone, take time to analyse their feedback.

If it makes sense and you can use it to help you on your journey, that’s great! Get to work and start improving. If you understand the feedback does not help lead you on your path, then it’s okay to let it go.

This reflection time is crucial and will only work when you are self-aware about your strengths, weaknesses and more importantly, your goals.

The beauty of life is you’re in control

Who you want to be now or in 5 years is up to you and only you.

You can choose to remain in the same terrible situation as you are right now or you can choose to try to make it 1% better. Every day, your choices can lead to a better future.

Don’t forget to enjoy the journey

It’s easy to get caught up in trying to chase the future. You might forget to enjoy everything that’s happening now. In the end, whatever the results might be doesn’t matter because it’s only a small part of your life.

The journey, however, is something you are going to remember for life. The friends you make along the way will still be there.

In summary, it’s okay not to be perfect in every way. Strive to be who you want to be. Enjoy the process to get there.

Most importantly, live your life to the fullest!

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