What Success Means To a Post Graduate

Hint: It’s not money, accolades or big bonuses. Though that would help.

Sarah Nderi
Nov 14, 2019 · 3 min read

Success is washing your dishes before going to bed. Somehow, you know this creates a structure for you and invites the muse… She’s never timely that one. She strikes in the shower or when you’re at the kitchen sink.

Success is going through a series of pf interviews, a series of rejections and finally landing a corporate job. Somehow you know you were meant to be there. The job is part of your path. You know you were not meant to be there but how else would you know.

Success is finally having your own place. After living with your parents, college dorm room and crashing at relatives, you finally have a place to be grounded. To grow. To decorate. To lie your head. In future, you’ll sell and travel. You’ll get married and use the possessions. For now, it doesn’t matter, you have a place. You pay for it and you’re contributing to the economy. Success is sticking to an undergraduate degree, graduating and delving into the unknown. You use those skills in an unrelated field and nail it because knowledge is multidimensional.

Success is dropping out of college because you figured it wasn't for you. You pursue other things and nail it. You answer the earth's call to your soul and venture into what stills you.

Success is starting a business when you're young and naive. People are paying you for your skills. You feel like a thief. Undeserving. Money is hitting the bank because you contributed to a cause, voiced your opinions, and put your mind and body into a course.

Success is loving deeply and wearing your heart on your sleeve. Unashamedly putting yourself out there, even if the odds are stack against you, and being in a relationship seems surreal.

Success is untethering your soul, answering the universe's call, responding and launching out there. It's scary as a young person expected to integrate into a respectable member of the society, even when the integration goes against your calling.

Somehow, you finish school, get a job or start a business, live a day at a time and live it to the fullest. Success is falling and rising up again. To try again. It's sitting in failure and loss. It's letting yourself feel the present, the pain, the love, the happiness and the in-between.

Success comes in many shapes and forms. Don't put it in a box. Focus on what you have and what you want, you'll be successful every day.

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