What To Do If You Want To Be More Creative

All it takes is a simple change in perspective that you can make today.

Joshua Idegbere
Jan 15 · 3 min read
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The question isn't being creative, it's being MORE creative than you are now.

For you to click this story to read, and to be found in this community of writers and readers, you're already a creative person — else you won't be here. You are a creative person reading this article to learn how to be more creative. If that describes you then this article is for you.

Creativity is about the use of skill and imagination to produce a work of art. That’s about the conventional definition. But the best description I have come across came from Brett Morris:

"Creativity is essentially an elevated form of problem-solving"

And for musicians, creativity is about communicating a message to their audience through music.

Therefore, becoming more creative is about creating more and better content or works of art for the purpose of entertainment and education of an audience.

Here's the simple change in perspective to make that happen:

Grant yourself permission to fail more.

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That single decision will make you more productive and the result of producing more content will make you a more creative person than you are now.

Here’s one reason why that permission works magic:

With the freedom to fail, the mind creates more and the more, the better creative you become.

And in this game of creation, nothing enhances creativity like more. The more you do the better you become. That's almost like a law.

Take writing for example: In the words of Zinsser William,

“If you went to write for a newspaper that required you to write two or three articles per day, you would be a better writer after six months.”

If you don't grant the mind the permission to fail, you may never experience the genius performance it is capable of. But the moment you grant your mind that permission, it changes the game: it unlocks some potentials that wouldn't otherwise come to light.

The result is that you will find your voice as a writer and the process of writing becomes second nature as the words have got a channel to communicate their meaning to your readers.

If that's the level of creativity is you desire as a writer, then you have to do just what we have said earlier — grant your mind the permission to fail.

It can be that simple, but it works magic if ONLY you try it!

Thanks for your time.

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a Few Words

A few words can change lives.

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