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Who am I?

Ops! moment in every girl's life


Who am I? This thought always sticks in my mind whenever I feel sad, lonely, and isolated form. Where is my identity? Sometimes when I sit on my own, I always think about who I am? I am in those categories where even my surname is not my own. Where is my patronymic? This shows even my name is not my own because when I got married, I lost my honorific.

Where is my habitat? When I was at my parent's home, they said there is one day coming in your life when the prince arrives, and he will get away to you from us to his castle. That will be your castle, my dear.

When the prince comes, and I arrive at his castle, he cares for me, he loves me, and even fight’s me, then he said Go back to your home, then I thought, ops! a moment in my mind: Where is my castle?

That is nothing but …………….

We all know very well, that this is the bitter truth of a girl's life.

Thank you for reading!



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