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Who is Rich?

One who has or one who gives

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In a city, there lived a well-to-do family.

It was Christmas and the lady of the house went to buy some gifts for everyone in the house. After doing her shopping for her family from big stores, she went to a smaller shop to buy some for the help. She asked for the cheapest options and got one.

The help also had plans to gift her masters. So, she went to the biggest shop in her neighbourhood. She had saved some for the occasion. She went in and asked for the expensive ones.

Now, who is the richer one here?

The lady had more but gave less. But the help had less but had the heart to give more.

We measure wealth by the aggregate of our possessions. It has been the age-old calculation. Properties, bank balance, and luxury products like cars are finding their way to the top of the list. But, it is time we question ourselves — is it wealth in the true sense?

Wealth need not always be something measurable, and that can be accounted for. How do you measure the wealth of wisdom? How do you calculate the amount of love one garners? Health is wealth — how does one put a number on that?

T Harv Eker has defined wealth so beautifully as:

The mark of true wealth is determined by how much one can give away.

Similarly, giving too need not be materialistic each time. Physical presents are a part of giving, true, but we can give in so many more ways.

It can be a smile to a child by the roadside.

It can be a focused, wholehearted, and undistracted chat with your parents.

It can be offering a glass of water to the tired delivery boy.

It can be helping the old lady carry her groceries.

It can be letting the fretful mother of two, jump the line.

Life throws at us several opportunities to feel rich by giving. Take those. Make a small difference in someone’s life, be a shoulder to someone dear, to cry upon, be the reason to make someone’s day — and in the process, yours. Just look around and feel.

Giving is the best investment to make yourself richer.

Next time, give away something and feel rich.



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