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Why Do Street Lights Look Like Sad Giraffes?

Reality means nothing, but perception…everything.

Photo by Roan Lavery on Unsplash

We drove through the night, while I looked up at the starry sky. Often, the tall street lights obstructed my view and looked down on me like sad giraffes. Despite being so up above, they shined like little tea lights — only bright for a second or two, then fading away with time. Then suddenly, one light stood still, giving me a better look at its little blemishes and nuances. Moths fluttered all over its bright face, while little wrinkly cracks emerged on its forehead.

I wondered if the same old light shone as bright as the younger ones out there. It certainly wasn’t close to being the brightest. It did, however, reek of certain wisdom that comes with age. The wisdom of patience, camaraderie, and sustainability.

I took one last look at the light above and stepped off the breaks. My car lurched forward and I drove into oblivion, hoping to not stop till I was at least as old as the light I just met.

As a writer, I often find myself making sense out of the inanimate, the ambiguous, and the mundane. And although deep within me, I know for sure that nothing will ever make sense — everything will remain as random as it is — the pursuit of finding meaning makes this life worth living.

So, why not perceive the street lights as old and wise giraffes that have a story to tell? Why not look up at the endless cosmos and believe that we’re somehow here for a reason? Why not believe in serendipity, synchronicity, or anything that surpasses logical comprehension?

Why not live a life that’s blessed by the wonders of perception and not the curse of reality?




A few words can change lives.

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