Why You Should Focus On Personal Development In 2020

3 ideas on personal development and success.

Joshua Idegbere
Jan 16 · 3 min read
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Most people write their new year resolutions in terms of what to achieve or a habit to break. Both are good but there's a vital part that's left out: the place of growth.

“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.” — Anonymous

The success you desire will come only through personal development -- until you become the person it takes to manage that level of success, you can't have it. So focus on developing yourself.

The truth is that without personal development, it's difficult to attain and sustain the kind of success you want in the year 2020.

Those who became successful without the first developing themselves will soon be laid off the race. But those who focus on growth will attain and sustain success.

Here are 3 Reasons Personal Development Works Magic.

1. Personal development is the pillars that hold the success structure together.

Without personal development, it’s close to impossible to start and maintain any significant success or achievement. But when you work on yourself is constricting the foundation upon which to build your success.

Along with that, working on yourself, also make it possible to sustain and scale your success and achievements.

2. Personal development is the cause while personal development is the effect

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Success will only exist where there's a background work done on developing self. No matter how beautiful a seed is, it will never produce harvest until you sow it. The same is life: until you sow your self in personal development, you never have success as a harvest.

Those who desire success shouldn’t chase it — like chasing the wind — you will never get it. What you should rather chase is personal growth and development. For when that happens, success come chasing after you.

3. Growth makes you the person it takes to achieve your dreams.

And that’s the work of growth: to build your capacity for success. And when you become that person, it’s easy to take the steps to achieve your dreams.

Life is so arranged in such a way that only what we have the capacity for, gets to us. In other words, you get what you deserve.

When you become the person it takes to achieve a dream, the achievement of that dream comes with ease. If you still struggle to achieve anything, it’s proof that you need to develop capacity in that area.

Make this year a time to focus on growth. A time to build capacity to achieve the dreams you have set for yourself.

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