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Benjamin Soyka
Oct 6 · 2 min read
Credit: Gerd Altmann

Procrastination is bad. It’s that simple.

If you put something off to do a more fun task instead, you really just make more work for your future self to do all at once, kind of like this quote from Christopher Parker:

Procrastination is like a credit card: it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill.

Often, when you start to do an important task, you quickly get distracted by something more appealing or entertaining, and you forget the important task you needed to accomplish for a while. After some time, you remember your task again, and you have to do much more work all at once.

A typical example of procrastination is when you have a big project for school, and you get distracted by a new game or something similar. You then forget about your big project project until the night before it’s due, and you have to do the entire assignment all at once.

Usually, when you do a project all at once, it isn’t as good as it could’ve been if you had worked on it over time.

This can be applied to writing too. If you do all of your writing and editing at once and rush to publish, then your work isn’t as great. It could be better if you had written it then thought about it before finally publishing it.

You can easily fix the problem of procrastination by avoiding having any distractions in the first place, as Darius Foroux describes in his story:

If you don’t have any distractions in your work environment, you can stay on task much easier. You can get all of those big tasks done when you really need to.

Thanks for reading this. Now get back to work!

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a Few Words

A few words can change lives.

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