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Writing Doesn’t Have To Be Like Chewing Floss and Sadness

entertainment writing is where the world is at.

we’re getting tired of headlines and write-ups that are as dry as elbows during harmattan.

we crave writing that jumps out of the screen to give us a warm “I see you” hug. 🥰

And here’s how Shaan Puri recommends you do it:

before writing, ask yourself which of these 7 emotions you want to use to cast a spell on the reader:

  1. lol — that’s so funny.

2. wtf — that pisses me off or this is annoying and rude!

3. aww — omg! I want that for me (or a friend) too or omg! This gives me goosebumps.

4. wow — how did you think of this or I never thought of it that way.

5. oh! — now I get it!

6. finally! — thank goodness, someone finally says it or someone says what/how I feel.

7. yay! — that’s great news or this is super exciting, I can’t wait!

pick 1 or 2 and write from there.

I picked “4/6” for this thread and hopefully, it does justice. 😎

Bonus tip:

Nicolas Cole recommends you make a list of the obvious things on the particular topic you intend to write on. Then say something different from what’s on that list.

the noise online is deafening, the only choice we have as online writers is to reframe what has already been said and wrap it in a new container (languaging).



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Writing words that make you forget to blink 👉🏾📱👀👈🏾