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You Will Change

This shouldn’t be a surprise

Photo by Roman Nguyen on Unsplash

Who said you’ll like the same things 10 years from now, or want to still do the same thing you’re doing today, 5 years from now.

It’s life so you shouldn’t be surprised when you start to want different things. Everything changes, everyone changes. When I was little, I wanted to be different things.

I remember how when I was 7, I wanted to be a bus conductor in Lagos because they used to have lots of change with them. So, I felt they could afford as much biscuit and sweets as they wanted — it’s embarrassing even thinking about it now.

I got older, and at some point, I wanted to be an artist. So I’d go around the house with a sheet of paper, looking for what to draw and paint. Later, I wanted to be a banker, and that phase ended.

Many people enter into the University fully dedicated to becoming a Doctor. And midway into the degree, they fall in love with Video editing and then become Youtubers.

Change is normal. I’ve seen it happen so much to even bother when people change.

So, in choosing what you’re going to do, you should actually pay attention to the reason you’re going into it. What’s influencing the decision. Look at people doing what you want to do 10–20 years into it. How do they look? Are they enjoying themselves? Do you want to be like that when you’re at that level?

Because the real benefits come when you’re consistent and your efforts compound over the years.

Plus, how will you deal with it when you don’t want to do it anymore? Is it something you will do no matter what?



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