ag-Grid v14 ‘Halloween’ Released

Niall Crosby
Nov 2, 2017 · 4 min read

Although ag-Grid is the best JavaScript data grid in the world, it doesn’t mean the development team at ag-Grid are finished. We will not be found asleep at the wheel!!! Over the month of October the core team has been busy with v14 of ag-Grid codenamed “Halloween”. We are excited with this release as it is packed full of new features, enhancements and bug releases. Let me take you through some of the highlights…

Revamped Feature: Tree Data

Tree Data is for when you provide data to the grid with a hierarchical structure. This can be used for things such as a file explorer or displaying a person hierarchy.

The grid could already do hierarchical tree data, however the implementation had some short comings as it didn’t work with all other grid features. To fix this we have rewritten from scratch the Tree Data so that it now does support all grid features including:

New Feature: Unbalanced Grouping

ag-Grid allows grouping of data based on columns values. For example if your data had a ‘country’ column, you could group the data by country. In ag-Grid we call this Row Grouping.

We have taken this a step further and allowed for ‘missing values’ in the row data. In the example to the right you can see we are grouping by ‘country’ and ‘state’, but not all countries have states, so data is rolled up in to ‘state, then country’ where possible, and then just to ‘country’ where there is not state.

New Feature: Asynchronous Components for React Fiber

If you are a React fan, then you will be excited to lean that ag-Grid v14 comes with full support for Asynchronous Components. This was an implementation change for ag-Grid only, you don’t need to do anything, it means when the time comes for React Fiber to be released with Asynchronous Components, ag-Grid is ready.

Angular & React in Documentation Examples

Now all the examples in the documentation are in Angular and React as well as plain JavaScript. This is to support 90% of our community where Angular, React and plain JavaScript account for almost all ag-Grid users.

Select the framework you want to see the examples in on the top right of each example. As before, you can open any of these examples in plunker for further editing.

New Feature: Header Templates

You can now provide custom HTML templates to customise how the column headers look. This means you now have two choices for customising the headers:

  1. Header HTML Templates: To reuse the default header functionality, but just tweak how the HTML looks.
  2. Header Components: To reuse the default header functionality, but just tweat how the HTML looks.

Header Components is existing functinality, only Header HTML Templates is new in v14.

New Feature: Async Loading of Set Filter Values

If you are providing values for the Set Filter, you can now lazy load the values asynchronously after the filter is shown for the first time.

This will be useful to those with a large number of columns where you don’t want to load all the values for all the column filters at the start as this may be to inefficient.

Enhancement: Delta Updates Row Order

Now Delta Updates maintain row order. That means if you are keeping data in a React Redux store, then the order of the rows in the grid will match the order of the rows in your Redux store, even after you change the order in the store.

There are plenty of other smaller enhancements and bug fixes that didn’t make this press release. For the full list of changes see the Change Log.

And Share!!!

Sharing is caring! So please take the time to share the news of ag-Grid v14 Halloween.

Niall Crosby

Written by

I am the CEO of ag-Grid. I have 15 years of experience building Enterprise applications before launching my own product ag-Grid Enterprise.



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