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Getting More from your Datagrid — Introducing Adaptable Blotter

John Masterson
Feb 23, 2018 · 3 min read

What Does It Do?

Adaptable Blotter is a very clever piece of software from Adaptable Tools that sits on top of HTML5 datagrids and datatables. It delivers powerful, advanced functionality to the end user.

We have been working closely with the team over the past months as they completed their integration with ag-Grid. The combination of the two products significantly reduces development time and cost. Common requirements such as user configuration and settings, multiple layouts, searching, sorting, bulk editing, auditing of grid activity and custom columns are quickly added.

While Adaptable Blotter is built for financial users, we see many features that would be of interest in other sectors. In our opinion, Adaptable Blotter naturally dovetails with ag-Grid, harnessing our raw power and leveraging our features to deliver a lightning fast and intuitive experience for the user.

How Does it work with ag-Grid

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Adaptable with ag-Grid

Adaptable Blotter builds on the ag-Grid API using the hooks and events of our grid to deliver extended functionality. We want to ensure that our grid remains super-fast so these are features we don’t see as living within a grid. Implementing the blotter is very straightforward and our close relationship with their team ensures that both products work seamlessly with each other. Adaptable Blotter supports both ag-Grid Community Edition and ag-Grid Enterprise up to the latest versions.

Where can you Learn More?

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Learn More

To learn more about Adaptable Blotter, you can see the demo of ag-Grid here and they have even built a performance monitor. The Adaptable team come to the table with a different perspective. They are heavily user focused whereas ag-Grid is pitched at the developer, this has long been our stronghold.

It’s the first time we have worked closely with a partner such as this and believe it has borne fruit. If you’d like to feature on our partner spotlight page or tell us about your project involving ag-Grid, please get in touch.

The latest update of the grid is out now. Learn more about Version 17 Thomas.


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