Happy New ag-Grid v15.0.0

Sophia Lazarova
Dec 13, 2017 · 3 min read

Winter is finally here and it’s packed with snow, Christmas spirit and the new version of ag-Grid!

The end of the year is traditionally a time for retrospectives, this is why our last release for 2017 is dedicated to cleaning our bug backlog. Of course, we also have a few Christmas surprises with v15.0.0!

Stay up to Date with Our Work

Have you ever wondered what we are about to include in our next release?

No more wondering! Now you can be up to date with every decision. As of this release, we introduce the ag-Grid pipeline which makes public all the items on our roadmap with their current status.

You can find the pipeline page on our website.

A Fresh Start

2018 is knocking on our door and we are about to start it with a clean bug backlog (or almost clean)!

v15.0.0 comes with a basket full of bug fixes which cover the recent few releases. Feel free to check out our pipeline or the change-log for the complete list of the fixed bugs.

Overlay Component

This component allows you to add your own overlays above the grid. You can use the built-in overlays or simply create your own to suit your needs.

Find more about the overlay component in our online documentation.

Register Components by Name

As of v15.0.0 you can register your custom components both by name and by direct reference. Registration by name is a commonly used technique which allows you to reuse your components and minimizes code repetition.

You can find detailed information about the component registration in our documentation.

Give it a Try and Share

“A person logging into Twitter on an iPhone” by freestocks.org on Unsplash

Try out our new version and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

You can download ag-Grid as an NPM package:

npm install ag-grid
  • Happy coding with ag-Grid!

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We are ag-Grid and our mission is to build the best datagrid in the world

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