Introducing Version 16: Phoenix and Our New Website

Sophia Lazarova
Jan 22, 2018 · 4 min read

ag-Grid Phoenix is now live and so is our brand new website!

The first days of the year are usually a start of a new page but for us they are an energetic continuation of a very successful year. We are sliding into 2018 packed with lots of goodies and with a brand new website.

The highlights of v16 include couple of your most wanted feature requests along with some sugar bits like bug fixes and minor features. Let’s roll!

Row Drag and Drop

From v16.0.0 you can not only drag columns but also rows.

ag-Grid Row Drag and Drop

The row drag-and-drop has two modes:

  • Managed Dragging — The grid will rearrange rows as you drag them.
  • Unmanaged Dragging — The grid will not rearrange rows as you drag. Instead the application is responsible for responding to events fired by the grid and rows are rearranged by the application.

Row drag-and-drop is also available when groups are presented or tree data is used.

ag-Grid Drag and Drop with Groups
ag-Grid Drag and Drop with Tree Data

To find out more about row drag-and-drop refer to the dedicated article in our documentation.

Introducing Locked Position and Locked Visibility for Columns

Phoenix adds locked position and locked visibility to the wide variety of features supported by ag-Grid. In order to use the new functionality you should use the following properties:

  • lockPosition — Locks columns to the first position in the grid. The locked column will always appear first. It cannot be dragged by the user, and can not be moved out of position by dragging other columns.
  • lockVisible — Stops individual columns from been made visible or hidden via the UI. If it’s value is true, the column will not hide when it is dragged out of the grid, and columns dragged from the tool panel onto the grid will not become visible.

Read more about columns movement on the dedicated article in our documentation.

Bug Fixing and Smaller Features

Bug Fixing

Of course v16.0.0 Phoenix has a lot more to offer. There are multiple bug fixes and minor features introduced in this release. To find a full list of what’s included in the current version and what’s about to come next, check out the public pipeline and our change-log.

Time For a Change

Evolution is a constant proccess of building small pieces above what you already have. But sometimes evolution requires a change in order to accomplish a higher goal. This is why we are making a step aside of our well-known look and taking a direction, matching the goals of an evolving company with a growing team. We are not just a successful open-source project anymore, we are a company ready to take over the world!

Our homepage before(left) and now(right)
Documentation before(left) and now(right)

Give it a Try and Share

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

Try out our new version and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Happy coding with ag-Grid!


We are ag-Grid and our mission is to build the best datagrid in the world

Sophia Lazarova

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We are ag-Grid and our mission is to build the best datagrid in the world

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