What’s New in ag-Grid v14.2.0

Sophia Lazarova
Nov 14, 2017 · 2 min read

ag-Grid 14.2.0 is live and kicking! We are excited to share the goodies and the perks coming with the new release.

Our new release comes packed with exciting, new features providing even more flexibility and freedom. We are proud to introduce you our improved themes and master-detail along with few bug fixes. Let’s dive!

One Step Closer to Perfection

Version 14.2.0 comes with set of five improved and polished themes:

  • Fresh (ag-theme-fresh)
  • Dark (ag-theme-dark)
  • Blue (ag-theme-blue)
  • Material (ag-theme-material)
  • Bootstrap (ag-theme-bootstrap)

The new themes use a different architecture which provides means for easier customization. The improved implementation also introduces customization with Sass variables. And that’s not all, the new set has a number of visual improvements which contribute to the professional look of the grid.

You can find more details in our documentation.


No more full-width rows and flower nodes hacks to achieve the master-detail effect. Version 14.2.0 arrives with master-detail as a feature, coming out of the box and available for customization with simple property changes.

Find implementation details and samples in the dedicated documentation page.

Fixed Bugs and Improvements

For full list of all bug fixes and enhancements coming with this version check the change-log published on our website.

Give it a Try and Share

Try out our new version and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

You can install ag-Grid as an NPM package in your application:


We are ag-Grid and our mission is to build the best datagrid in the world

Sophia Lazarova

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We are ag-Grid and our mission is to build the best datagrid in the world

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