AGA Carbon Neutral Project

AGA Token
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2 min readMay 27, 2021


AGA intends to become Carbon Neutral and to offer Carbon Neutrality-Removal services to other miners through Carbon Credits, Carbon Removal, Wrapped BTC and NFTs.

AGA will assist miners in becoming Carbon Neutral, by calculating and auditing their carbon footprint and selling them Carbon Removal Tokens (CRTs). Dynamic NFTs will be used in a place of static-paper certificates and will be tied to off-chain carbon emissions data and on-chain CRT balance. Miners will stake our CRTs and tie them to the dynamic NFT to prove their ongoing compliance.

As part of this pilot we are minting AGAc (utility) and AGAcr (governance) tokens:

AGAc will be a utility token used to represent one Kilogram of Carbon Removed, or 1,000 AGAc will equal one Carbon Removal Metric Tonne.

AGAcr will serve as a Governance token for the AGA Carbon Project.

  • ETH AGAc: 0xF2032813Aa3c8feEf7973e44A92E68ab11eE8021
  • ETH AGAcr: 0xb1c021393419971c1e0ca0d638ab0c21f62b546c
  • POLYGON AGAc: 0x669ddc70273084ea30e6cd4f28ca6e2c70735065
  • POLYGON AGAcr: 0xcBce9f77921C2E90522d438dF4C5582F4c617768
  • BSC AGAcr: 0xb453f1f2ee776daf2586501361c457db70e1ca0f

Furthermore, AGA will wrap already mined Bitcoin with the appropriate amount of AGAc, to create Wrapped Carbon Neutral BTC — cnBTC delivering a Carbon Neutral Vision to Bitcoin TODAY!