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AGA makes its debut on BSC with CosmicSwap

AGA is seeking to be a truly versatile DeFi operation and our new partnership with CosmicSwap is another step in the right direction.

Cosmic Swap is a yield aggregator running on the Binance Smart Chain and uses PancakeSwap as the primary exchange. This means you can now earn on your AGA on the Binance Smart Chain.

About CosmicSwap

CosmicSwap uses a multi-stage sustainability and management plan to ensure that their community has access to a long-term solution to yield farming.

Check out their sustainability plan here.

At Launch, CosmicSwap will be offering three AGA pools:

AGA — AGAr (Multiplier 12x)

AGA — BNB (Multiplier 12x)

AGA — COSMIC (Multiplier 24x)

Following Launch on Wednesday CosmicSwap will add two additional Single Token pools:

AGA (multiplier 8x)

AGAr (multiplier 8x)

AGA aims for sustainability in all areas of its operations and this partnership with CosmicSwap seeks to apply that goal to yield farming options.


Don’t forget to follow us on twitter for updates. We have some great stuff in the works that we’re really excited about!

The AGA Team

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