Concluding Successful AGA Offering

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2 min readApr 12, 2021


We are excited to share that AGA concluded a successful Polygon Offering by raising $950,000 and adding 200 new contributors to our ranks.

  • $150,000 was immediately deployed to liquidity on QuickSwap
  • $550,000 was spent on new mining equipment that is already being deployed
  • $75,000 was spent on yield generating assets such as FRM/FRMX, YF-DAI and Playcent
  • $175,000 remains locked earning moderate yield

Prior to the Polygon Offering AGA was generating an estimated monthly profit of $140,000. After the offering and resulting investments we forecast a new monthly profit of $220,000, a $80,000 increase! You can monitor our forecast estimates here:


By locking $300,000 in QuickSwap AGA-QUICK and AGAr-QUICK liquidity we enable our community to take advantage of Polygon’s Ethereum backed security, while enjoying super low fees and fast transactions.


We purchased 25 S17s and 50 M31S miners that deliver over 5PHs of new mining power. At current difficulty and Bitcoin price they will generate additional $47,000 of profit per month.

This brings our total mining power to 19PHs!

Yield Generating Assets

Due to our ownership of FRM, FRMx, YFDAI and PCNT we enjoy access to latest pre sales and expect to convert them into additional revenue streams for AGA.

Furthermore we are staking our liquidity tokens to earn yield farming rewards in QUICK, FRMx and CAKE. (Subject to change as we follow highest yields.)

In current market conditions these assets generate over $30,000 per month.

Please keep in mind that these profit estimates are just that, estimates and this revenue can be volatile.

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