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4 min readMar 18, 2021


Let’s be honest, investing in the world of cryptocurrency today can feel like stepping into the Wild West. You’ve been savvy enough to get into the game early, but the daily ups and downs — not to mention hysterical headlines from mainline media — can make you doubt yourself.

  • “Do I stay put?”
  • “Do I sell while I’m ahead?”
  • “Have I made the right decision?”

You’re not alone. As an early adopter of Bitcoin, you know enough to get you this far, but you wonder if there’s another strategy you should pursue to take better control of your destiny. Sure, you can try to “buy low, sell high” but is there a smarter way of investing?

Here’s a little secret: I was just like you. I wasn’t a cryptocurrency expert, but I could feel in my gut that this would be like the dawn of a new era, just like how the internet revolutionized our lives. Thanks to my work in the tech industry — which led me to many strategic partnership discussions on blockchain and gave me insight — I knew I couldn’t just stay on the sidelines.

That’s how AGA was born.

Beyond the Bitcoin

Let me introduce you to the AGA: a cryptocurrency mining operation. We mine Bitcoin and other tokens, via both Proof-of-Work and Liquidity Mining methods, offering community-oriented enthusiasts the opportunity to purchase AGA Token so they can be part of governing an actual Bitcoin mining and a Liquidity mining venture.

What are the benefits in investing in AGA — and not directly in Bitcoin itself?

The simple answer is that AGA should outperform Bitcoin when Bitcoin’s value increase. Additionally, for the times when Bitcoin’s price is stable, AGA Token, combined with AGAr, offers high Annual Percentage Yield through liquidity pool bonus rewards and yield farming options. See current available options here.

What is Liquidity Mining — and how can investors benefit?

Automated Market Making exchanges such as Uniswap, and often new tokens such as AGA, reward their community for providing liquidity. This is often referred to as Liquidity Mining. At AGA we will use our mining profits and AGA token treasury, along with our governance process to pick promising projects and mine their liquidity — just like we mine Bitcoin. The profits are then returned to investors via buybacks.

Holding and liquidity mining certain tokens, gives us allocations in new token pre-sales, creating an opportunity for significant profit. For example, we own FRM and FRMx tokens which earn yield and give us access to new launch-pad tokens such as POOLZ, NETVRK, and BSCVIEW.

The more tokens you purchase, the more say you have. AGA governance members (those holding 10,000 or more AGA Tokens) have special clout and influence over our operations.

AGA Governance Members

Holders of >10,000 AGA Governance Tokens

In AGA speak, these are our esteemed board of directors. With direct and immediate access to AGA leadership, they contribute towards the health of our operations in very tangible ways, such as: finding miners and hosting partners at lower prices, promoting token exchange listings, marketing and broad outreach.

In return, their vote allows them to steer decisions related to future investments and prioritize the distribution of mining profits.

Lower Risk, Lower Cost

We mine Bitcoin where hydro electricity prices are the most competitive. Launched in 2017, we are green-powered and aim to be carbon neutral by 2025. (We just launched new tokens related to our green initiative, learn more here).

As a profitable operation, we mine at a significantly lower cost than what is available in the open market. While mining costs have gone up recently, ours are stable because we outright purchased the bulk of our supercomputing machinery when the price was low, which translates to a lower cost for you today.

Not for Everyone

I knew I’d get your attention here. The AGA community wants to invite likeminded people to join. We do not cater to passive investors who are only keen on “buying low and selling high.”

We are here to galvanize an active community of contributors, Bitcoin and DeFi enthusiasts who actively seek to drive maximum return by governing a new type of a mining operation combining Bitcoin and DeFi — one that is run by a small and nimble leadership team to whom you will have access.

When you purchase AGA Governance Tokens, you become a community member and not a passive bystander. We genuinely welcome your feedback into mining operations, tokens we choose to mine, participation in public and private cryptocurrency forums; some of our members also blog and even upload instructional videos on YouTube.

We want you to actively share your journey, thoughts and experience through your sphere of influence as ultimately, this will help to grow AGA value.

And don’t forget that being a community member also means reaping more financial rewards when you share your tokens in our AGA-AGAr liquidity pools.

Room for a Select Few

If you’re a community-minded cryptocurrency enthusiast who’s ready to up your game and take charge of your financial destiny, then consider joining the AGA family. We’ve saved room for you!

You can purchase AGA and AGAr today on Uniswap and Dfyn. To learn more please visit us on

AGA Polygon Liquidity Offering on Quickswap

In late March we brought AGA and AGAr to the Polygon (MATIC) network via a limited liquidity offering. Polygon network offers Ethereum level security along with transaction fees that are exponentially lower.

Recent Media Coverage

Please spend few minutes watching this video, it does an excellent job showcasing our project:

AGA and AGAr are not available in the United States and in prohibited jurisdictions.

The AGA Team

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