Against Forgetting
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Against Forgetting

721 is the end of the old Hong Kong, and it will never come back

On Wednesday (August 26, 2020), the Hong Kong police made a sudden high-profile action and even re-interpreted part of the plot of the July 21 incident. As a result, the pictures and videos of that day were re-printed. Normal Hong Kong people would never believe the lies of the police.

White shirts flooded the platform and try to beat the people in the cart.

July 21 (aka 721) is a historical wound in the hearts of Hong Kong people. The wound may heal, but the scar will always be there.

July 21 was a turning point in the Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement last year. After that night, everything has changed and can never be restored.

If you have forgotten what else we can do on and before July 21st, I might as well remind everyone that when something happens, we call the police! There were more than 20,000 calls to 999 that night. Whether it was people in the train, inside or outside the station, passing by, or even receiving text messages from relatives, all those who called on their behalf still believed that the police were maintaining law and order and serving the public.

Maybe too many people are calling 999 at the same time, and most of them fail to get through. Nobody imagined that the police would do that on purpose, so they notified their relatives and friends who lived near the police station and went directly to report the incident. That’s quite natural, and even the three nearby police stations had citizens who report the crime because the situation is serious and imminent. But how were the citizens treated? The police station closed the doors and even had the gates down, the citizens were dismissed, except they didn’t send the dogs out to chase them away. Even so, no one assumes that the police and the people in white are on the same sides.

The Police station shut the public out!

Back at Yuen Long Station, the police are now saying that Lin Cheuk-ting brought people into Yuen Long to make trouble, but the indiscriminate attack started before Lin arrived at Yuen Long Station, and Lin called a police officer he was familiar with on the way and asked him to sent police to Yuen Long Station to assist. After he arrived at Yuen Long Station, he started live broadcasting and called the police again. And his shouting “The police are coming, you guys stay and don’t leave!” turned out to be evidence of provocation. If you read this sentence carefully, he still believed that the police were just and would protect the public. I believe that all the public in the station had the same belief. The police come quickly and arrest these bad guys. This belief has been the consensus of everyone since childhood, and I really have no question about it.

If 721 is the beginning of the collapse, August 31 is the end of the mutual trust. Between the two dates, we saw more and more evidence that July 21 was a planned and even publicized indiscriminate attack. They called it a “teaching the kids a lesson”, and the police action that day was to cooperate the whole thing. In the following days, the police became even more obvious. In the fighting scene at Fortress Hill and North Point, some unknown person could hold folding stools and wave them in front of the police officers. The officers turned a blind eye. Some people even hide behind the police when they are being chased, using the police as cover. When police officers escorted these people away, they borrowed the police shields to hide their faces!

In addition, when there were conflicts on multiple Lennon Walls, citizens called for help for sabotage but were arrested and even charged. Experience after experience, disappointment again and again, until August 31, there was another indiscriminate attack at Prince Edward Station, but this time it was the riot police! At this point, the citizens and the police can only draw a clear line. Everyone finally realized that the police were no longer on their side. More than half of the citizens gave the police zero points in polls and asked to disband the police force! Whenever the public encounters something, they will never report to the police for help, because it will never work, and it will even be detrimental to them.

What is happened on July 21 and disappearing into the night of Yuen Long, I can tell you clearly that it is the mutual trust between Hong Kong people and the police force! After a thing like trust is lost, it is basically difficult to find it again, especially without the right medicine. And it is certainly not the right way to keep telling lies. Now every time the government/police speak about the incident, it will only result in more contempt and more doubt. And what is said that “the police responded in 18 minutes is not 39 minutes”, such a low-level correction, if it is true, it should have been done immediately at that time, and not after 13 months and try to make a fuss. It only is shown that they ran out of excuses because the people’s trust towards the police has already far exceeded the few minutes difference, far more than!

Even when a passage begged for mercy, was still being beaten up.

Perhaps their tampering was only aimed at police supporters, or perhaps just to show the central government they are doing something about it. I am sure that more than half of Hong Kong people will never accept that and forget what actually happened. If the government/police think by telling a different story can downplay the seriousness of the incident and restore Hong Kong back to what it was, it is really wishful thinking. That Hong Kong is dead, what we want is a reborn Hong Kong. Perhaps ask yourself, if we can go back to the Hong Kong before July 21, 2019, or even before the Anti-Extradition bill was introduced, would you do it? After a whole year of social movements and various difficulties in the face of the epidemic, we have seen the government’s poor handling and arrogant attitudes. The entire system is wrong and we don’t trust it anymore. The five demands may be a slogan, but in simple terms, it is to change the existing system, because it is already corrupted, can no longer uphold fairness and maintain social justice.

721 is a knot of mind, and we must not let it go as if nothing ever happened. We will never accept collusion between police and thugs, and to go against the citizens. If the perpetrators cannot be brought to justice and justice is given to the victims, 721 will never end and Hong Kong will never be reborn. If we accept the distorted facts, how do we face all those who fought with us all along, those sacrificed, imprisoned, and exiled? If we are now entering the confrontation between memory and forgetting, we have no choice but to go all out to guard the memory!



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