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Against Forgetting

We now have the first convicted for 721

Justice is being served, or revoked?

721 (July 21) is the Yuen Long mob attacks during the 2019 social movement, it’s being considered one of the most controversial incidents when the citizens lose all trust in the police force.

Producer Bao Choy found guilty and fined. Photo:

The Police Department tried to make amend but in a different direction. They took time to investigate, they did arrest a few white shirts to show that they were working on it. However, we all see at least a few hundreds of white shirt thugs randomly attacked passengers on the platform and in the station areas, the number of arrests doesn’t cut it.

Then they started pointing fingers at different people, altering facts, and stated this was a gang fight between two sides, the white shirts and the black shirts. To prove a point, they later arrested a few black shirts, including a lawmaker who was one of those who try calling the police for help that evening, and a reporter who was also beaten so badly and even broke the camera.

The white shirts were tried first a couple of months ago, and the police were not ready with all paperwork, and couldn’t arrange the key witness. Even the judge questioned their intention and ability, nothing is ready after a whole year after the incident.

On the other hand, a team of reporters from Hong Kong Connection, an RTHK programme, successfully gathered CCTV footage from nearby businesses, and unfold the event for the viewers to understand what happened that day. It was done only weeks after the incident. People who saw the episode, and numerous videos on social media, can clearly see it was a one-sided attack from the white shirts, and they came well prepared.

A year later, the team did another episode on the subject, titled 7.21 Who Owns the Truth, which was aired on July 13, 2020. This time, the teams used the footage with newly found evidence and noticed a few cars have been in the area rather often. Some time it dropped a few white shirts at the location, some time, it just stopped for a lengthy period. The team got the license plates and searched for the owners. It turned out, they all belong to people in the villages nearby. This indicated that these village leaders may be involved.

If a team of reporters can bring such solid evidence to show to the public, why can’t the police do the same? The attack was rumoured to happen days before it did, some people even posted on social media, and warned people not to go to Yuen Long that evening. Now that it happened, the only question the public wanted to know is whether the police were involved and were part of the incident. Their non-action did speak loud and clear.

Instead of focusing on the attackers, the police arrested the TV program producer, for violating the Road Traffic Ordinance when she did the search with the license plates she didn’t specify the purpose was for a TV program. We all still remember that morning, a team of Regional Crime Prevention Officers (RCPO, 重案組)went to Choy’s apartment to make the arrest and even a thorough search. Why do you need the RCPO when this is a traffic act violation? They didn’t have the answer either when the question was brought up. They made a such big deal just to scare off other reporters.

The practice of doing such a search with government registry departments is very common and has been done very often since way back when. Now they even amended the law for such search. It has to inform the people or companies being searched, and they have to agree to be searched first. Now it’s official, Hong Kong is the criminal haven.

721 is such a controversial event, a terrorist-like attack on the public, and defining moment in recent social movements in Hong Kong. The first person being convicted, however, is a reporter trying to do her job, and inform the public what actually happened. Hang on, the worst is yet to come.

Make no mistake, the National Security Law is set not for the safety of the city, nor the people who live there, but to keep the regime safe.



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