[Announcement] Focusing on Agate !

Recently the CEO of AGATE has resigned from KING ICO. He has undertaken this step only to put 100% of his focus on Agate project.

He has decided to take this step after listening to community feedback especially after an article published by Hacked which criticised Agate founder to have multiple positions that reflected a diverted focus from Agate CEO. As a result, Hamed Taghvaei Agate’s CEO and Co-Founder resigned from his position on King ICO and whole team decided to close this business from 1st Nov 2018. It is a great news for Agate supporters who wants to ensure that this project will achieve its goals.

At this stage there is no outstanding project or task left from KING ICO team and no new project will be accepted by this ICO.

About King ICO : King ICO was founded in early 2016 with a purpose to help blockchain startups to get ready for crowd sale from idea, to MVP and launching ICO, while it officially starts early 2018.

If you have any inquiry about King ICO you can email Info [at] kingi [dot] co, email and domain will close soon.