What is Agate? Learn multi-volume payment solution

AgateProvides a comprehensive solution for crypto users who find it difficult to use their electronic money in common markets. Although there are some electronic money joint ventures that offer payment solutions, users can not make optimal use of their confidential wallets due to traditional market-related restrictions where sellers have not yet accepted the application. User friendly password encryption to accept payments. Agate will provide a comprehensive payment solution for users in addition to user-friendly merchant applications. This is to help users and sellers make their transactions using electronic money. With the help of the iFiat ecosystem, merchants have the option to create their own custom payment gateway.

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Features of Agate

Agate offers flexible services for its cryptographic users. Some noteworthy features are explained below

Agate has tried to provide a viable solution for all encryption problems. To this end, it has developed a number of products such as mobile applications, gadgets, POS hardware, debit cards, digital wallets and more.

This platform provides a decentralized exchange that allows users to convert their electronic money into fiat money. It also makes it easy to convert an electronic currency into another currency.

Agate has a payment gateway API that allows users to pay for their online and offline purchases by connecting to their electronic wallet. The wallet service offered by Agate allows users to store a lot of electronic money. By providing more flexibility, Agate has tried to help all types of encrypted users.

Agate has developed a PoS terminal for merchants that can be used anywhere without any geographic constraints. The best feature is that merchants can accept payments and transfer money to different parties without paying any transaction fees. A 0% transaction fee makes the Agate platform a cost-effective service for the merchant community.

Gaining some great minds in the payment industry, Agate has designed a banking-level platform that has the potential to serve millions of customers simultaneously and handle their transactions in real time. Leveraging the power of Blockchain technology, Agate has introduced the AGT token core of Block Again.

Agate’s sophisticated architecture allows users to manage multiple 17 cryptocurrency assets using its one-stop application solution while providing a complete set of decentralized blockchain applications in 12 different modules. A comprehensive encryption infrastructure for daily banking and one portal for millions of connections and ecosystem development. Agate’s multi-block architecture includes four different layers:

Agate multi-block architecture

Making the most of Blockchain’s network settings, Agate Blockchain is a bundle of best-of-breed features up to date in one of the most efficient, yet affordable, agile ecosystems to offer comprehensive solutions to people. used in a single place.

Agate Blockchain

  • Blockchain Agate is revolutionary providing the fastest transaction speed with minimum cost. With blocking time less than 1 second, payment transactions are almost instantaneous.
  • Highly scalable — thus allowing thousands of users to have concurrent transactions without any delay understood.
  • Smart contracts for transparent transactions.
  • Blockchain is totally decentralized.
  • The environmentally friendly mining approach is not the same as the PoW mining used in Bitcoin or Ethereum, thus saving huge energy costs.
  • The blockchain discoverer is publicly available in detail to record and maintain every transaction in a transparent manner.

Mobile apps (For both users and sellers)


  • Multi-currency wallet for users to store and trade different electronic currencies. It is also equipped with the ability to convert any electronic money to iFiat.
  • IButter-based (iFiat) deals to deliver iFiat to a range of merchants.
  • More than 17 types of electronic money
  • Agate iFiat ecosystem offers immediate payment transactions.
  • Transfer and debit options.


  • The most innovative addition that will take care of the reluctant merchant in dealing with electronic money for daily deals.
  • The application runs on block Again Agate, thus providing near instant settlement time and minimal transaction fees.
  • Transaction time is less than 3 seconds with the ability to process about 6000 transactions per minute.
  • Eliminate the risks of market volatility when merchants receive accurate fiat values ​​for their wallets.
  • Transfer and debit options.

Mobile POS terminals & desktops

  • Another first transaction in electronic money transactions provides a single POS terminal for merchants in both mobile and desktop versions.
  • Offers immediate payment 24 * 7 * 365.
  • When POS terminals located on the Agate iFiat ecosystem run on block again, merchants are not charged transaction fees when receiving their iBucket wallet.
  • Can be used anywhere in the world without any restrictions on infrastructure.
  • Completely safe and secure.

The different blocks of Agate’s Blockchain architecture include:

Class 01 — Electronic money varies on Blockchain different

With the existing Blockchain platform testnet, Agate’s AGT coin, an ERC 20 compatible electronic coin, is at the core of every blockchain transaction. With the Agate platform, users can now deposit, store and trade in five different encrypted assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple. However, still in the development phase, a full set of decentralized blockchain systems will be able to support more than 17 different types of electronic money expected to be released in Q4 2018.

Layer 02 — Agate User or Seller Application

Designed to handle millions of transactions at a rapid rate, Agate’s Blockchain platform provides complete encryption solutions and offers a variety of applications for users and sellers alike.

User-oriented functions include

  • Multi-currency wallet
  • Exchange electronic money with iFiat, a steady cryptocurrency
  • IBucket e-wallet for storing and dealing with iFiat code
  • Capable of spending through crypto-debit cards
  • Electronic Funds Transfer-Direct Asset to Bank Account with the support of over 25 different currencies in over 50 different countries.

The seller face functions include

  • Agate payment gateway API
  • Agate / Plug-Ins payment gateway application
  • Agate POS terminals
  • Transaction based on iFiat
  • Spending by debit card
  • Transfer iFiats directly to your bank account.

Layer 03 — iFiat Ecosystem Running of Agate Blockchain

Introducing iFiat cards, a Fiat-coded coin that runs on Agate’s iFiat ecosystem, uses Agate’s blockchain to address the most fundamental issues surrounding adoption of electronic money. While most users have concerns about cryptographic variations, Agate’s iFiat ecosystem removes the highly volatile nature of digital assets, paving the way for users to accept encrypted payments. Throughout. The iFiat iFiat is an electronic money with high stability and is fixed at a 1: 1 ratio with the base content of US Dollar.

Using iFiat ecosystem payments are processed in real time and while the customer will be able to pay by 17 different electronic currencies; The same is immediately converted to an iFiat token and stored on the seller’s iBucket wallet, helping users identify the full dollar value of the products and services being sold.

Layer 04 — Gateway to the Fiat economy

With Agate’s iFiat ecosystem, users are activated with the support of a variety of Fiat currencies including the USD, EUR, GBP, JPY and AUD with the current support of US dollars. Each iFiat token can be exchanged for any Fiat currency and can be loaded immediately into a physical / virtual debit card or bank transfer. This gives users complete freedom to exchange their electronic money with Fiat coins at any given time, providing a gateway to the Fiat economy.

With the launch of the Agility Platform Mainnets scheduled for the first quarter of 2019, all ERC 20 Agate tokens will be exchanged for a 1: 1 AGT currency, marking Agate’s Blockchain independence. in the Blockchain space.

The team behind Agate

Hamed Taghvaei is the co-founder and CEO of Agate. He is an award-winning entrepreneur who has established several business ventures. He has extensive technical experience in handling various types of projects. He founded MyServo and DroneOnline Australia. He co-founded joint ventures such as King ICO and BID Group.

Should I invest in Agate?

Agate has one of the most comprehensive blockchain platforms, featuring a range of payment solutions for community members including buyers, sellers and custodians. Investing in Agate can certainly deliver steady returns once the platform is fully launched.

  • Total AGT tokens (100%): AGT 490000000
  • Total AGT tokens offered (65%): 318500000 AGT
  • Conversion rate provided: 1AGT = $ 0.076USD
  • Minimum Contribution: $ 60 USD ~ 0.1 ETH
  • Maximum contribution: $ 60000 USD ~ 100 ETH (excluding investors and strategic partners)
  • Softening / Hard capitalization: USD 2000000 / USD 24206000
  • Token name: AGT
  • Protocol token: ERC20, Ethereum Blockchain
  • Lockout Time: All of the group tokens will be locked for one year on a smart contract and awarded quarterly.
  • Token not sold: Signed by smart contract
  • Emission rate: NO new coins will be cast, create more