Agave Development Update Week of April 17, 2021

Solar Punk
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3 min readApr 20, 2021


This week in Agave land:

The following image is a sneak peak at what might be the genesis first common NFT minted on the Unifty platform for distribution:

  • We’re working behind the scenes with several other projects, platforms, and DAOs, to bring new features and integration with the XDAI ecosystem.
  • There are new guidelines for posting a proposal, follow them for best results.
  • We’ve posted a rough draft of a roadmap of the potential future of Agave. We look forward to providing functionality which differentiates us from Aave.
  • Our auditors have updated us stating that their work is progressing steadily, and that they are on track to meet our timeline.

Votes & Proposals

Three proposals are scheduled for vote on Thursday, April 22nd:
1.) Staking rewards of 500 AGVE distributed over 6 months
2.) Funding for bounties for community work on the project
3.) Refunding GreenHornet’s supply of 50HNY he provided for use in the retribution payouts

Proposed process for submitting Agave votes

(This process is pinned in the Agave #formal-proposals Discord channel)

In order to encourage heightened awareness of and participation in Agave proposals, we will be adhering to the following process for future proposals:

Project Development Status

  • Staking Contract for use in Agave governance is in development
  • We’ve recruited a new frontend developer, Nolan, who has begun restructuring the UX flow
  • Boris has come up with a visual theme for the frontend
  • Zed has finished converting the frontend to TypeScript and Typechain, and is now working on the Subgraph
  • Security Module — For improved robustness and better integration with the Agave DAO, we’ve decided to develop a stronger Security Module. This will be new contract source, audited separately from the main codebase. Until such a module is developed and approved, a proposal is up for 500 AGVE (0.5% of total supply) to be dispersed over a period of 6 months, matching the model currently in use by Aave.
  • Agave drip function is in its final development stages with an anticipated execution late next week.