Introducing a Smart way of campaigning

Amir Salehzadeh
Jun 12 · 3 min read

It’s time that more attention was given to local and state level candidates. That’s why we’re rolling out an affordable, comprehensive subscription model for candidates who want an airtight digital program.

Running for office shouldn’t be as difficult (and expensive) as it is now. We’re changing that.

A lot more attention is being directed to down-ballot races (e.g. mayor, city council, school board, and a lot of others). That’s a great thing. These candidates are on the next bench of national leaders. They’re our future. And while all the fanfare goes to the presidential candidates and the 535 congressional seats, there are over 90,000 offices in the U.S. So while Congress has an important role, there are so many other decision-makers and lawmakers at every level of government, and they have a lot of power to effect positive change.

Yet the percent of people who vote for local candidates is usually in the single digits. A study by CityLab found that in Dallas, only 6% of eligible voters cast a vote for mayor. While higher in other cities, voter turnout is still low across America. The study found that in 15 of the 30 most populous cities in the U.S., voter turnout in mayoral elections is less than 20 percent.

Organizations like Run for Something and Emerge America are doing an exceptional job recruiting people to run for office and turning the spotlight on these races. But at A+G, we’re reimagining how digital campaigns are run at the local and state level so that we raise a candidate’s profile and turn out the vote — at a price point that is accessible to candidates.

If you’ve ever taken the liberty to search for a state or local candidate one of two things typically happen: you stumble across a website that looks like it’s made in 1995 or a shabby social presence. You rarely see ads or an airtight digital program. Or you don’t find an online footprint at all (an even bigger problem).

What if every Democratic candidate had a site that was clear and easy to find? Social channels that pushed out their message to the right audiences? What if they maximized their email program or SMS to fundraise, build for events, and spread the word about campaign happenings? These pillars are staples for campaigns that are well-resourced but are often missing in action from down-ballot races. But if we could give these tools to a down-ballot candidate at an affordable price point, they’d have an undeniable edge.

That’s why we’re excited to rollout two subscription options exclusively available to down-ballot candidates. We’re calling it our Smart offerings.

A+G’s Smart Model is perfect for down-ballot candidates who need help with their digital needs at a price point that isn’t a deal breaker.

These offerings will set your campaign apart and set yourself up for success. Typical agencies charge 3-4x the pricing shown here, making their services inaccessible. With A+G’s Smart offerings, you can either jumpstart an online campaign or sustain one (or both) at a price that won’t hinder your campaign.

If you’re interested in a conversation, get in touch at

A+G: Digital Lab for Campaigns

Helping progressive causes, candidates, and organizations run the most efficient and effective digital campaigns possible.

Amir Salehzadeh

Written by

Digital strategist. Politico. Iranian-American.

A+G: Digital Lab for Campaigns

Helping progressive causes, candidates, and organizations run the most efficient and effective digital campaigns possible.

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