Level up: Simple ways to bring digital to the next level

Giovanni Hashimoto
May 15, 2018 · 3 min read

As digital strategists, we hear from clients all the time who are looking to add value to their digital program without breaking the bank. Our clients, mostly campaigns and political organizations, are organizations whose missions we care deeply about as progressives.

That’s why we work to make sure our strategies are actionable and result in immediate impact for them. Here are five low-lift and specific steps you can take to up your digital game.

Authentic voice — don’t sound like a robot.

The ultimate goal is to win somebody over — whether you’re asking them to purchase something, sign on to something, like a petition, or asking for their vote. The ultimate tool for this aside from personalized communications or real life chats, are your online channels.

Responding to comments on your Facebook posts and retweeting posts from supporters and followers that you appreciate with a comment are just two ways to do that. These interactions and others will go a long way in building up your credibility as a genuine figure with a real message.

Tl;dr don’t be afraid to speak and speak using your voice

Chatfuel.com helps you build a simple, sleek chatbot via Facebook Messenger.

Make your digital strategy stand out from the pack

People want things instantly and with the rise of bots, there’s no excuse not to provide it to them. When you use chatbots successfully, you’ll be able use pre-written scripts to answer frequently asked questions, making your organization look and feel more responsive to supporters, customers, or voters. You can even gain customer insights, increase engagement, qualify leads, and a ton more!

You can set up your bot by drafting scripts to answer FAQs, or particular messages for special occasions.

Tl;dr automating responses is easy, free, saves you time and responsiveness is appreciated by your base

Segment your audience.

Segmenting your audience lets you choose precisely who sees and interacts with your message — and target messages to precisely the portions of your audience who are most likely to be driven to action by them. That may sound hard, but it boils down to collecting data about your supporters and utilizing that data to customize your message based on demographics. Most CRMs let you tag or group your list in a way that lets you easily segment.

If you’re struggling to even group your list, start with a survey. Tell your list you want more information from them. Use the data you collect to match your list against other datasets like a voter file to learn even more about your supporters and deepen your engagement.

Tl;dr treat your audience as individuals and segment them for personalized communication

Pivot to video

Today’s digital audience wants to see not read. Video drives engagement and it continues to be the highest-performing creative in digital campaigns. This can be a fancy animation or a quick-and-easy livestream you throw together last minute — either way, video reigns supreme. Take a glance at what’s trending, you’ll quickly realize video content tops the list.

The format of videos are also changing — square is cool. It receives higher engagement than other formats. Helpful info here on all the different and easy ways to create your own squared videos.

Tl;dr video is the best creative for digital, use it more

Optimize your landing pages for conversions

Landing pages provide great benefit — they can be simple pages that have information on a campaign you’re running with fields to collect more information from supporters — new and old.

At A+G Digital, we use Unbounce as our primary platform for building landing pages, but there are many choices. Instapage and ClickFunnel are two other popular choices. Unbounce lets you create iterative versions to compare conversion rates and syncs with Google Analytics so you can derive deep insights and optimize your page constantly.

Copy is equally important. Keep it simple and, for most platforms, short. But always sell your core value proposition. Sometimes, people overcomplicate things, but resist the urge: If you have five form fields on your landing page when you only need two, reduce it to two. Fluffy and long landing pages will lose people.

Tl;dr simple conversion-optimized landing pages can be one of the most powerful tools in your digital arsenal

Need help crafting your digital strategy or wanna chat? Get in touch at info@agdigital.us.

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