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20 Reasons Why Social Media Is Important To Build An Online Shop For 2022

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos

In 2013, Jeff Bezos said on the 60 Minutes show on one of America’s largest television and radio networks.

“Companies have short lives and Amazon will one day be gone.”Jeff Bezos

When asked if that bothers him Bezos replied:

“It doesn’t bother me because I know there’s nothing I can do about it. Companies come and go. That goes for even the most dazzling and important of the times, you wait a few decades and they’re gone.”

It’s convenient to sell products through third-party sales channels like Amazon, eBay and Etsy. Shipping and complex logistics are easier than if you had done it all on your own.

But these benefits come with a tremendous risk, especially if they are your only sales channels.

Here are 20 Reasons Why You Should Start An Online Shop With The Help Of Social Media In 2022!

1. Reach a New Audience with Search Engine Visibility

Starting an Online Shop with Social Media will also increase traffic to your website through Google. When potential customers search for a product that you sell, the results will show up in the search engines which your potential customers uses on a day to day basis.

2. Transparence With Targeted Communication Around Sales

Once you have a clear structure of what products your potential customers are buying, then with the power of Social Media, you could have more tranparence for planning sales, offers and discountts on products and services. For example with a post on your Story will increase the interaction with your potential customers.

3. Continue the Customer Experience

Many customers will travel to buy a product from their seller, however the chances to continue great customer service will deepen through your Social Media presence and connect to your brand.

4. Try Before You Buy

If you own your storefront, you will have the huge benefit of running a storefront in person and online. You could offer samples of your product in your storefront and directly to customers who order online through Social Media, which in return is a great way to receive feedback on product offerings.

5. Increase Brand Awareness

Social Media will boost your brand awareness, this includes the name, logo and company philosophy that the public associates with a brand.

Your customers research online first, whether they buy online or in-store. Having an Social Media presence helps make sure that potential customers find your product information and are able to comparison shop. When customers do a product search online, you want to be listed among the top results.

6. Cost of Copycats

You do not have to deal with copycats once you create a brand through Social Media. Unlike on other third-plattforms such as Amazon, you will have to face the issue with copycats, who hijack your top-seller position, which you worked so hard to obtain. To make matters worse, the copycats claim that you are the hijacker and your store will get shut down.

7. You Create A Loyal Customer Base

Your customers aren’t technically yours, because the marketplace that you use for example on Amazon belong to solely to Amazon. It is almost impossible to create a loyal customer base on Amazon, because you do not have access to your customers browsing history. With Social Media, you could immediately build a large following over the years.

8. Diversification

Just to make sure, you should not shut down your Amazon business immediately, it is not an evil company. What I want you to be aware of is the diversification you got through Social Media, more importantly, if you have yet to set up a storefront that is connected to your website, it’s time to consider it.

9. Simple Things like An Email List

Just simple things like having matching color tones for your site and product can make a much better experience and you can give them an additional value which will connect your customer more directly to you than a place on Third-Marketplaces ever could offer you.

For example, you could integrate a walkthrough through you In-Store with Social-Media.

The Power Of Social Media

10. Growing Big

If you leave Amazon, you growth opportunities are way more likely with Social-Media. Since, you are not dependent on another companies success, which can ruin your business within a minute or your life achievements. Amazon intergrates new codes for the search engine, which could mess up your whole business.

11. Commission

Be honest, you pay too much commission on Amazon and on other third-marketplaces.

12. New Marketing Tactics

With Social-Media, you get absolute flexibility to experiment with different marketing tactics and do whatever it takes to boost your sales and brand identity.

13. Competition

A no-brainer when it comes to Amazon is that the competition will be sky-high. Amazon is one of the biggest players in its field, so there may be thousands of other sellers that your business will have to compete with.

14. Referrals

Have you ever asked your friend where he got his shirt from? You will probably remember the name of the brand. Not with Amazon, where you solely look for the best deals. See where this goes? Now, imagine the impact you have once you hit a large audience on Social-Media.

15. Confidence with Customer Complaints

Don’t forget that Amazon is very tough with seller when they receive customer complaints. Amazon favors of course their customers, and you as a seller will be in trouble. Not with Social-Media and your own Online-Shop, where you control every customer complaint.

16. Use Amazons Leverage

Nevertheless, Amazon is strong with their mobile app, with 700 million active mobile users, plus the Amazon app. If you have an Amazon business, you could use Amazons leverage simultaneosly with your own Online-Shop, because Amazon will help increase your sales without damaging your customer acquisition, which in turn will benefit your Online-Shop from it.

17. Amazon Will Be Broke Soon

Watch the video

18. Society Spends On Average 3–4 Hours On Social Media

Your customers are something beyond that. You need to develop a network, where you interact with your customers daily. Strategize how you can build followers and offer fun, astonishing and helpful substance, which your customers identifies with. Think of your Social-Media presence as your retail facade. Your network will sooner or later cherish you.

19. Social Media Cheaper In The Beginning And More Longterm

As of right now building a brand on Social-Media is easier and cheaper than ever before. You do not need a lot of money to begin with, unlike on other third-marketplaces.

20. Build Momentum

If your business is growing and you are looking to build that momentum for the next 5–10 years, it’s important for your future-proof of your business by creating an avenue with Social-Media that connects you directly with your customers.

What do Germans think about Amazon?

Germans use Amazon a lot, but 44% of Germans think that Amazon is too big. Amazon has bad press in Germany. Sooner or later there will be new tax system for big digital companies. Online Shops will benefit from this tax system.

So think of it, and start your Online-Shop with Social Media!

Thank you for reading!




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