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21st Century Learning Design (21st CLD)

The leading technologies companies are working on EduTech (Educational Technologies) however, Microsoft is leading over the world

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Though the COVID-19 pandemic had unfortunate consequences for the world, it also brought some new trends.

Microsoft Team has enriched functionalities for learners, teachers, and organizations leaders

The worth mentioning here is that Team integrates a number of other apps to manage the activities in one place.

Forms are widely used by teachers, research scholars and administrators

Forms complete the work of days in hours.

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Sway creates rich multimedia content, having stunning look on smart devices

The most important thing which needs to mention here is that Sway is free for schools.

Flipgrid help educators to implement a flipped classroom

In the flipped classrooms, teachers send recorded videos to the learners, they watch these videos at home and the related activities are performed at school.

Digital whiteboard is used in virtual classes to teach online

The worth mentioning about this digital whiteboard is that it’s a collaborative space. It can be shared with learners so they may write on it.

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The lens is a powerful tool to convert images into text

Lens also provides an immersive reader facility and read the text.

Microsoft word is a well known and popular text editor

21st Century Learning Design by Dr Afzal Badshah

The planer is used to plan or assign tasks in the organization

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