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3 Things Healthcare will do for Pets before Humans.

Pawtocol is the world’s most advanced pet community, combining Blockchain, AI and IoT technologies to improve the lives of the world’s 800M+ pets. Since a healthy pet is a happy pet, we’re investing in tools to empower veterinary medicine and research. In fact, the wellspring for our vision comes from the brightest minds in human medicine, who seldom see their breakthroughs reach the public thanks to an aptly colored labyrinth of tape hailing from places like Washington and Wall Street.

So what lessons can we borrow from the body of human healthcare research?

It’s all about the Data…

As much as 30% of all data on the planet is healthcare related. Yet, when you see a new physician, you’re often expected to come bearing reems of your own medical history, which these new medical admins then proceed to xerograph with gusto. Let that sink in for a moment. Can you really be getting the best quality of care when a smudge on page 734 out of 1000 turns a 5 into a 6? We certainly don’t think so and it’s why we’ve developed the Universal Pet Record.

The Universal Pet Record (UPI) stores your pet’s medical history in one place.

The Universal Pet Record, or UPR, is a standardized pet medical records system that pet parents and vets can rely upon when fido falls ill or simply decides to eat a light bulb (yes, it happened). While the latter is markedly less data-intensive, diagnosing any illness, whether the patient has two legs or four, requires highly-accurate, granular data spanning the life of the patient.

Pawtocol’s UPR will give veterinarians easy-access to vital information about their patients, even if they’ve seen other vets or had multiple owners. That’s because the UPR relies upon the Blockchain Pet ID, an immutable identifier of your pet on the blockchain, to organize medical data.

All of this adds up to your vet spending more time treating their patients and less time managing lab results, treatments notes and hanging file folders.

What can we do with all that data?

AI is already better than humans at some surprising things, like devising culinary recipes or shattering the world record for solving a rubik’s cube. Some are a bit more troubling, such as the various studies that show AI outperforming their human counterparts, including some going all the way back to 2016 (a few years may not seem like long, but it’s eons in silicon valley time). Why are these life saving technologies not more widely available? One of the reasons is the largely dysfunctional bureaucracy that’s effectively impounded the healthcare industry. Fortunately for pets, pet healthcare doesn’t suffer from the same problem so Pawtocol is able to bring these technologies to market safely and far more quickly.

Pawtocol’s Health and Wellness AI will help veterinarians to identify treatment and lifestyle opportunities that will enrich and extend the lives of pets. By using the vast and varied data in the ecosystem, this technology can identify patterns that exceed the limits of human cognition. This could include more reliable interpretations of diagnostic imaging, more granular pet-specific dietary guidance or simply more proactive regimen management. This is not itself revolutionary. There are several companies already experimenting in this arena. Pawtocol’s approach is superior for two reasons:

  1. Since everything from food purchases to dog walks to vet visits can be managed in the Pawtocol ecosystem, the data available for training the Pawtocol AI will be more comprehensive than anything that exists today.
  2. Since our unique data custody model allows users to retain full control over their data, the benefits Pawtocol’s AI provides won’t come at the expense of privacy and security.
In addtion to storing a pet’s medical records, the app can track their daily activities.

How about generating even more of it?

Often the greatest challenge to implementing any digital records storage system is in forging connections with all of its varied analog input sources. In medicine, these are the instruments, therapies, and observations that medical professionals use in their trade. By systematically developing interfaces for these input sources to connect directly to the Pawtocol ecosystem, we can introduce efficiency, increase accuracy and ultimately make the entire exercise more productive. This type of “interfacing” is more generally referred to as the “Internet of Things” evolution, or IoT, and it’s also the reason our phones can talk to our light bulbs or our door locks.

Pawtocol will bring proprietary hardware to market and will partner with manufacturers to integrate Pawtocol’s technology within their products. Research has already begun on integrated thermometers and blood tests, as well as “wearables” that are capable of capturing biometric data during pets daily activities.

Not only will these products improve treatment outcomes, but they will also enable new, more cost-effective research as they fascilitate data capture in ways that are presently not feasible, either practically or economically.

Our principles

If the core mission of Pawtocol is to improve the lives of pets, the principles by which it will be achieved all revolve around data. Pawtocol wants to make pet data more accessible (through the UPR), more insightful (through AI), and more plentiful (through IoT). Vets share our vision and it’s evidence by the partnerships Pawtocol has formed with organizations like EZ Vet Clinics or the Miami Animal Clinic.

Learn more about Pawtocol:

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