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4 Reasons Why Your Idea Fails to Break Out of Its Cocoon

What kills your ideas the moment you try to implement them?

Image by Ian Lindsay from Pixabay

The drive to produce the best version of my idea caused me to eradicate the only version of it.

Not the most advanced Googling skills, but did the job for me!

1. Getting lost in the glitz and glamour of the destination

We are often so lost in the glamour of our destination that we turn blind to the immediate steps we have to take to reach there.

2. The Issue of Procrastination

What about procrastinating procrastination?

I. Normal Procrastination

II. Procrastinating Procrastination

3. Feeling Intimidated


All the intimidation and pressure I felt, they were creations of my inner self.

4. Letting people influence your goals

Photo by William Rouse on Unsplash

My Podcast Idea

It might not be the most ravishing stats, but its way more than what I expected!

People have opinions. We have ears. Listen, but never feel the obligation to follow them all.

Final Bits

Sometimes, even the greatest guide books and articles on the internet might not help us overcome our pitfalls unless we resolve the battles we fight deep inside ourselves everyday.



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