5 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your Own Business

Abhinav Chandra
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4 min readApr 28, 2022


5 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your Own Business

Starting your own business can be exciting, but it’s also tricky, especially if you’re new to entrepreneurship and business in general. If you want to avoid costly mistakes, pay close attention to these five mistakes to avoid when starting your own business. Your future self will thank you!

  1. Not having a goal
Not having a goal

A business plan is critical because it forces you to think about where you want your business and what your vision for it is. Without one, you’re just going through a checklist of start-up things without actually thinking about what kind of business you want or need. And that can lead to one big regret: Not doing enough market research before launching a company. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate study, but having at least some idea of who your customer base is and why they will choose your product/service over others out there will go a long way in helping you make smart decisions on pricing, competition, etc.

2) Not making it profitable

Not making it profitable

There are many reasons that keep people from starting an online business: fear of failing, fear of not making money, and so on. Well, I am here to tell you that it is possible. It isn’t easy. In fact, most entrepreneurs spend thousands or even millions of dollars before they reach their first successful year. But yes, it is possible and there are ways to make sure you don’t lose money while doing it; in fact, even make some along the way!

3) Not staying consistent

Not staying consistent

If you’re trying to build a business and make a career out of it, doing that part-time or on-and-off is going to cause major issues down the road. Not knowing your value: This might sound counterproductive, but it’s easy for small business owners (and freelancers) not to properly value their work. If you don’t know what you do is worth anything, why would anyone pay for it? After all, there are always people willing to do it for free. Paying upfront: Staying healthy is important if you plan on building a successful business.

4) Not doing your research

Not doing your research

If you’re thinking about starting your own business, it can be all too easy to get caught up in that first rush of excitement — especially if you’re a visual person and love creating detailed mockups and diagrams of what your business might look like. While it’s important to think through exactly how you plan on executing your idea, make sure you take some time to do some research before jumping in headfirst. Some good questions to ask yourself include: Are there any similar businesses already out there? How successful are they? Would my customers benefit from my product or service? If so, how many and who would they be?

5) Not keeping up with industry trends

Keeping up with industry trends, especially when they relate to your product or service, is a must if you want to start a business that’s not just popular but also successful. One of the biggest reasons startups fail is because they think their idea — one they’ve had for years — is still hot when in reality it’s been done before and much better. Even if you have an outstanding product or service, you can’t expect people to jump on board if it seems like something out of date. To keep your startup on top, take time every day (even five minutes) to keep up with relevant news and data relating to your field.