6 Ways to Stay Mentally Strong During COVID-19.

Harry Dhaliwal
Age of Awareness
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3 min readMar 17, 2021

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Oh, COVID-19, what a pest you have been thus far. You have: halted an entire year, forced society to function awkwardly, stripped people’s joy, left millions of breadwinners unemployed, and compelled hundreds of thousands to stay home worldwide! You continue to do what you love–wreck homes; which needs to end asap! 😬

Like in the movie “Bird Box”, it feels like we are living in an apocalyptic world. I would say we, as a society, have made some progress. Let’s keep it that way before we start seeing people going crazy, or worse, seeing them drop dead left and right!

However, from an individual perspective, it can be tough to stay mentally strong when dealing with significant pushback, especially if it has hindered your career. I know it has for me, and it sucks big time! I had goals of getting promoted to a Product Marketing Manager and, finally, move to the fantastic city of San Francisco. I’ve been pushed back by this wave, but I’m glad I’m still swimming towards the shore! :).

Being away from the shore (work) for seven months has been daunting, I kid you not. I feel as if I am never going to make it and drown in this ocean. However, a positive mindset that keeps me going! I am grateful for finding ways that have led me to create a positive mindset!

Here’s how I do it: (so can you! 😊)

The six essential pieces of my life vest!

  1. Be grateful- When you wake up every morning tell yourself what you are appreciative of and it’s a blessing to be alive and be surrounded by loved ones!
  2. Stretch- Trust me; you will feel good and sexy!
  3. Meditate- I can’t stress enough how important this is for a positive mindset. Try simple breathing techniques for a few seconds and work your way up!
  4. Journal- Use that handy dandy notebook you got for Christmas, and start journaling! Letting out your thoughts, connecting with your real emotions, and finding new solutions to problems! By journaling, you will realize that you had your share of personal victories. Use those personal victories as fuel to start moving forward. For example, you can brush off negative thoughts by recalling wins from the past! Your former successes reflect you are still worthy of achieving more.

Harry Dhaliwal
Age of Awareness

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