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A Disillusioned English Teacher’s Account of Considering Other Career Paths

I can’t anymore.

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The classroom is vacant. I’ve got half an hour to knock out some work. My eyes cross as I stare at my Google sheets. It’s too early to burn out. Three more boxes of essential vocabulary to fill in, and I’m done.

At least, with the lesson plan.


Google Form: What classroom accommodations and interventions have you used?

The ones that are required and much, much more. In fact, I’ve just treated every class like an intervention. Accommodations for all. Myself included.

Google Form: Were they successful?

If you mean we’re all learning and growing, yes. The data may lie.


I can’t anymore.

10 Alternative Careers for Teachers Leaving the Classroom: Assistant Principal. Instructional Specialist. Inclusion Specialist. School Counselor. Curriculum Developer. Homeschooling Consultant. Tutoring Specialist. After-School Program Director. School Policy Analyst. School Librarian.

I’m afraid it’s the classroom or nothing.


I really, really can’t anymore.

10 Alternative Careers for Teachers Leaving the Education World: Blogger. Writer. Project Manager. Employee Trainer. Onboarding Specialist. Technical Writer. Editor. Human Resource Specialist. Executive Assistant. Transcriber.

Perhaps my skills are better off elsewhere.




“Have you ever regretted becoming a teacher?”

Part of me wants to joke about that time I taught 5th grade.


This is why I stay.




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