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A Math Educator’s Lament

The Peter Taylor (Queen’s University) quote below, featured in Sunil Singh’s Chasing Rabbits: A Curious Guide to a Lifetime of Mathematical Wellness, holds a key for changes Math Education needs to make if WE are to grow in Mathematical Wellness.

Quotation by Peter Taylor, Queen’s University

For as long as math education has been aware of and navigating institutional tensions, we have taught from a particular canon, as opposed to standing before/preparing to meet our students with paint, brush, and palette (#PaulLockhart).

Perhaps, the declaration math education wants to make is more like: "I wish I had more time to find/take inspiration; create insights; and explore with students and teachers," or

"How can we create more of these opportunities for ourselves and students to engage as artists?"

Why would we want to learn anything if not for curiosity? As a profession, we are inspired to learn and improve on the basis of student need. Without curiosity, what ‘needs’ surface? Are they the needs that will point us to authentic engagement and mathematical wellness?

Person constructing a geometric design

In math education, we have an astounding amount of resources --both human (knowledge-based) and social. It's our time to unleash our create and experience for ourselves the very things our students need, and to do this alongside leadership at all levels.

What do we need to move the curiosity train further along? To slow the math education treadmill? What would we like to see happen for setting the tone for collaboration at the school level; establishing pillars for system work and supports; and guiding educational policy and implementation?

In closing, I want to wish you all a happy new year, and the very best to you and your teams as you work together to supporting one another in service of student learning.

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Christopher Stewart


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