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Age of Awareness has contributions from 200+ active writers from around the world and 3,000+ daily visitors. Please feel free to reach out to us if you would like to contribute or have any suggestions.

Go to the profile of Stephen Muskett, M.S.Ed
Stephen Muskett, M.S.Ed
Environmental & STEAM Ed.| Advocate/Activist for sustainable societies | Educator | Creating connections between people and nature
Go to the profile of Stephen Mulkey
Stephen Mulkey
Environmental scientist and educator; forest and climate change ecologist.
Go to the profile of Kamil Ogórek
Kamil Ogórek
Weightlifter, climber, athlete, drummer and music lover. Training and nutrition geek. Senior Client-side Engineer @xteam. @AmpersandJS core team.
Go to the profile of NY Hall of Science
NY Hall of Science
New York City's hands-on science and technology center.
Go to the profile of Peter Fritz Walter
Peter Fritz Walter
Human Potential Media Producer, Philosopher, Political Analyst | siriuscmedia.com | Twitter @pierrefwalter
Go to the profile of Mentorem Academy
Mentorem Academy
working on fixing education for communities looking for change. Sharing experiences, thoughts, and ideas on here. www.mentorem.org
Go to the profile of Friends of the Earth
Friends of the Earth
Friends of the Earth U.S. defends the environment and champions a healthy and just world. www.foe.org
Go to the profile of Boys' Club of New York
Boys' Club of New York
We empower boys and young men by providing effective programs and a supportive community. http://www.bcny.org/
Go to the profile of Rebecca Paredes
Rebecca Paredes
Writer. Editor. Creative Copywriter. I like fiction, food, and jiu jitsu.
Go to the profile of Joe Brewer
Joe Brewer
I am a change strategist working on behalf of humanity, and also a complexity researcher, cognitive scientist, and evangelist for the field of culture design.
Go to the profile of Carissa L.
Carissa L.
Animal lover, food enthusiast, music fanatic, wellness advocate, keen life observer.
Go to the profile of Mary Jeanne Farris
Mary Jeanne Farris
Head of Educational Technology, ISB #learning #innovation #engagement @farrismj
Go to the profile of matt
Go to the profile of Growth Engineering
Growth Engineering
Join our war on dull online learning! Award-Winning #1 Social Gamification LMS! We transform zombie learners into superheroes! www.growthengineering.co.uk.
Go to the profile of Mary York
Mary York
Teacher, traveler, writer, journalist. Love baseball and pizza. Freelancer for @ECCalifornian. Conservative with politics, liberal with portion sizes.
Go to the profile of Ama Darko Williams
Ama Darko Williams
I like designing social services | I also like being in the forest
Go to the profile of Christopher Long
Christopher Long
Dean, College of Arts & Letters, Michigan State University; Professor of Philosophy; Co-Founder of @PubPhilJ; Editor of @JGenEdu; Co-PI of @HuMetricsHSS.
Go to the profile of Norman Jacknis
Norman Jacknis
Senior Fellow, Intelligent Community Forum; Columbia University Faculty. Former Director, Cisco IBSG Public Sector & CIO Westchester County, NY
Go to the profile of Ed Feng
Ed Feng
Using sports and games to inspire your curiosity in math and data, founder of The Power Rank.
Go to the profile of Greer Wilk
Greer Wilk
design. politics. poetry. biophilia. wizard. likes ice creams.
Go to the profile of Amal J. Azoury
Go to the profile of World Food Program USA
World Food Program USA
World Food Program USA works to solve global hunger and deliver hope across the globe by raising U.S. support for the United Nations World Food Programme.
Go to the profile of flux
Artificial Intelligence to feed 10 billion earthlings.
Go to the profile of Peter Paccone
Peter Paccone
HS Social Studies Teacher, KQED In the Classroom Coordinating Editor, Teacher-Advisor to the CA Better Together Teacher Summit. Blogger, speaker, ambassador.
Go to the profile of Hive Knowledge
Hive Knowledge
We are educators and technologists who have a wide range of experiences in the educational and commercial sectors within Europe, America and Asia.
Go to the profile of Beleszóve Foldlanya
Beleszóve Foldlanya
births worlds thru intention, word and action; with fierce love, compassion and listening to the deeper pulse of the Earth. http://WabiSabiLifeArt.wordpress.com
Go to the profile of W. Ian O'Byrne
W. Ian O'Byrne
Father. Husband. Digital architect. Professor & Researcher at the College of Charleston.
Go to the profile of World Ocean Observatory
World Ocean Observatory
Dedicated to sharing information about ocean issues: climate to trade, culture to governance. The sea connects all things. Online at WorldOceanObservatory.org.
Go to the profile of codomo
nurturing innovation through empathy, technology and design
Go to the profile of Dr. AK Merchant
Dr. AK Merchant
Author & researcher on culture, religion & environment.
Go to the profile of Maureen C. Berry
Maureen C. Berry
Seafood cookbook author & podcaster | Speaker 💚💙 www.maureencberry.com | www.greenfishblueoceans.com
Go to the profile of Federico Nicola
Federico Nicola
Awake Networks
Go to the profile of Dr. Robert Zeitlin
Dr. Robert Zeitlin
Dad, husband, Positive Psychologist, author of "Laugh More, Yell Less," co-host of "I Am The Worst Parent Ever" podcast, TEDx talk “Embrace Your Superpowers”
Go to the profile of Diana Enríquez
Diana Enríquez
Ph.D. student at Princeton (Labor, Informal Economies) | previously research + content at TED
Go to the profile of Andy Woodfield
Andy Woodfield
PwC Partner, UK Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. PwC UK Alumni sponsor. Proud advocate for ColourBrave, HeForShe and LGBTI
Go to the profile of Dale Erquiaga
Dale Erquiaga
President & CEO, Communities In Schools National
Go to the profile of Daniel Porterfield
Daniel Porterfield
President of @FandMCollege, committed to college opportunity and the liberal arts, tweeting #whyitworks.
Go to the profile of International Rivers
International Rivers
We’re at the heart of the global struggle to protect rivers and the rights of all the communities that depend on them.
Go to the profile of Enomad
Cleantech & Hardware Startup : We convert any type of moving water into stored energy.
Go to the profile of Daniel Schaefer
Go to the profile of Nick Schumacher
Nick Schumacher
I am a father, a husband and a school superintendent in Montana. I share my thoughts on education and leadership to communicate my vision of education.
Go to the profile of Morry Mitrani
Morry Mitrani
Digital Marketing Lead at Bumble + Professional Mango Eater. Writing about all things marketing, staying healthy, and productivity.
Go to the profile of Micki Seibel
Micki Seibel
Operating Partner, Radicle Growth: Investor and company builder working to solve the world’s hardest food & environmental problems
Go to the profile of Crowdfunded Conservation
Crowdfunded Conservation
Uniting the efforts of caring and informed citizens | Protecting & Preserving Nature 1 Acre at a Time
Go to the profile of Abhijeet Mukherjee
Abhijeet Mukherjee
Founder and Showrunner at Guiding Tech (www.guidingtech.com) & GT Hindi. Curious about making digital media work for small publishers.
Go to the profile of Ivan Fortuna
Ivan Fortuna
Technocrat | Lean Startup Evangelist | App Launch Consultant
Go to the profile of evonunwerth
shouting into the void
Go to the profile of RealTeachersofPGH
Two teachers inspiring the imaginations of primary learners
Go to the profile of Jeff Glenn
Jeff Glenn
Aspiring to be a advocate for those who are oppressed and also a peaceful, non-violent activist.
Go to the profile of Daniel Waldman
Daniel Waldman
Former PR agency owner turned freelance writer. #Expat living in France. Http://danielwaldman.com
Go to the profile of Katie Martin
Katie Martin
Passionate educator connecting research and practice to ignite innovation in learning, teaching, and leading.
Go to the profile of Keir Bowden
Keir Bowden
CTO at BrightGen, author Visualforce Development Cookbook, multi Salesforce Developer MVP. Salesforce Certified Technical Architect. I am the one who codes.
Go to the profile of Lee Mac Arthur
Lee Mac Arthur
I am a bit of technology geek who likes to write. I can be found at http://myideaofparadiseetc.blogspot.com or http://thoughtsonteachingmath.blogspot.com
Go to the profile of benjamin weinberg
benjamin weinberg
Writer, walker, poet, educator. Commercial fisherman, builder, donut maker, organic grower. Boston, U. City, Maine, South Africa, Madrid.
Go to the profile of BetoBina
Strategy, Innovation & Sustainability.
Go to the profile of 500 Women Scientists
500 Women Scientists
Working to make science open, inclusive, and accessible.
Go to the profile of James O'Dea
James O'Dea
Author of The Conscious Activist, Cultivating Peace and other works. Former President of IONS, DC Office Director Amnesty International, CEO Seva Foundation.
Go to the profile of Stacy Sniegowski
Stacy Sniegowski
leading + learning by exploring new frontiers with others. ~ music+steam+future ~ stacysniegowski.com
Go to the profile of Anastasia Anokhina
Anastasia Anokhina
Tech one love.
Go to the profile of Astrapto Sustainability
Astrapto Sustainability
Astrapto, founded by Dr. Aurora Dawn Reinke, offers sustainability services for the hospitality and tourism industry. www.astrapto.com
Go to the profile of John Markowski
John Markowski
Author of "Seed, Grow, Love, Write", available on Amazon now. Blog as "The Obsessive Neurotic Gardener". Write on Medium about whatever floats me boat.
Go to the profile of Jeremy Cummings
Jeremy Cummings
I am the founder of Snaktak LLC, a health food & digital media company 🍇🥑📲This blog is for my ideas that are too big to fit in a tweet
Go to the profile of Hubert.ai
Replacing surveys with chatbot conversations.
Go to the profile of Ellen Sharp
Ellen Sharp
Cultural anthropologist, co-owner of JM Butterfly B&B, and director of Butterflies & Their People, A.C.
Go to the profile of Brian Stoffel
Brian Stoffel
After 5 years as an inner-city teacher, my wife & I moved to Costa Rica & discovered an inspiring farm. We split our time b/t there and the US w/ our two kids.
Go to the profile of Leif Johnson
Leif Johnson
Biologist working to change perspectives and speak for nature
Go to the profile of Zac Tomlinson
Zac Tomlinson
Human, thinker, seeker | Ethics, policy, product
Go to the profile of Tom Schueneman
Tom Schueneman
Environmental Writer, Online Publisher, Speaker. Founder of the PlanetWatch Group. Member, Society of Environmental Journalists and Pacific Media Workers Guild
Go to the profile of Michael DePung
Michael DePung
Explore. Discover. Collect. Connect. Create. Love. I write these things to experience and express Spirit here. How do you do Life?
Go to the profile of Andrea Bizzotto
Andrea Bizzotto
iOS, Flutter Developer & Blogger ❖ https://codingwithflutter.comhttp://bizz84.github.io ❖ Open Source https://github.com/bizz84 ❖ Watching #ClimateChange
Go to the profile of Bob Dillon
Bob Dillon
Learner, Leader, Dreamer, Pursuer of Happiness, Arsenal Fan, Dad, Author of @spacethebook, Director of Innovative Learning, Supporter of @learningSTL
Go to the profile of Mike Spade
Mike Spade
Founder/Director @ Plant The Seed Project
Go to the profile of Azhar Dewji
Azhar Dewji
Software Eng graduate + Venture for Canada Fellow
Go to the profile of Sherlynn Tan
Sherlynn Tan
Software Developer at Thoughtworks | Marathon Runner | Ex-Pharmacist Writing on Coding, Technology and Running
Go to the profile of Iren Korkishko
Iren Korkishko
Infoholic, researcher, tech writer, marketing manager at Syndicode
Go to the profile of Blockchain Development Company
Go to the profile of Lee Ziesche
Lee Ziesche
Writer/documentary filmmaker/millennial who would like a planet to live on.
Go to the profile of Shantun Rubal
Shantun Rubal
Altruist,technocrat,sentimental,die-hard optimist,impatience,old school,loves classic movies,hot bikes n cars,photographer,traveller,Proud human
Go to the profile of Lalitha Krishnan
Lalitha Krishnan
I live in the Himalayan foothills and love to document life - wild or otherwise.https://www.instagram.com/lalithainsta/ https://earthymatters013.wordpress.com/
Go to the profile of Theo Dawson
Theo Dawson
Award-winning educator and scholar, Dr. Theo Dawson, discusses a wide range of topics related to learning and development.
Go to the profile of Samia Lalani
Samia Lalani
i am coming back to myself. in waves.
Go to the profile of Ethan Han
Ethan Han
programming, web design, college freshman, and music enthusiast.
Go to the profile of Zak Slayback
Zak Slayback
Principal @ 1517 Fund, Author @ McGraw-Hill | Featured in Fast Company & Business Insider- https://zakslayback.com/
Go to the profile of Andreas D. Addison
Andreas D. Addison
Civic Innovator leading projects to bring best practices & new ways of thinking to how gov’t operates, RVA 1st District City Council (*words are my own)
Go to the profile of Elizabeth Y. Hanson
Elizabeth Y. Hanson
Teaching parents how to give their children a better education at home; admirer of all things classic.
Go to the profile of Clément Jean
Clément Jean
I’m an eternal learner, I love to read, improve myself and get into challenges. Take a look at my personal website: www.clement-jean.github.io
Go to the profile of Amanda Oliver
Amanda Oliver
MFA candidate in creative nonfiction at UC Riverside • writer & librarian • tinyletter.com/decorouslines • amandaoliver.com
Go to the profile of RoundPier
Your academic and extra-curricular network
Go to the profile of Natalie Allen
Natalie Allen
A twenty-something dreamer running with the wolves. Reportage / travel photographer, writer for @Moment, hiker, and yoga teacher based in the wild Southwest.
Go to the profile of Ondine Bullot
Ondine Bullot
CEO & Founder of Better Kids, emotional intelligence through play www.betterkids.education
Go to the profile of Jumanne Rajabu Mtambalike
Jumanne Rajabu Mtambalike
Entrepreneur, TZ Patriot, Loves Tech, Founder saharaventures.com, Project Management Consulting firm, Co-Founded saharasparks.com and Sahara Accelerator.
Go to the profile of Lisa Love
Go to the profile of Shared_Studios
We build Portals. When you enter a Portal, you come face to face with someone in a distant Portal, as though in the same room.
Go to the profile of WCS Madagascar
WCS Madagascar
WCS's Madagascar Program - working in Madagascar as part of @TheWCS since 1993 to save wildlife and wild places in one of the world's biodiversity hotspots.
Go to the profile of Biomimicry Institute
Biomimicry Institute
The @BiomimicryInst empowers people to create nature-inspired solutions for a healthy planet. www.biomimicry.org
Go to the profile of Annina Lattu
Annina Lattu
PhD researcher @TampereUni, Higher Education Group. Previously #bizdev @Kaskasmedia, @AaltoCS @UniTurku alumna.
Go to the profile of Dr. Manuel Rustin
Dr. Manuel Rustin
High school social science teacher & co-host of All of the Above. From the Westside, with love. AOTAshow.com
Go to the profile of Ben Lilliston
Ben Lilliston
Ben Lilliston is the Director of Rural Strategies and Climate Change at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy.
Go to the profile of Gunay Faradova
Go to the profile of Mashauri.org
Creating tomorrows entrepreneurs today!
Go to the profile of Usha Sekar
Usha Sekar
I celebrate the extraordinary in the ordinary, and care about ideas, education, entrepreneurship, community and all that taps the humanity in each of us.
Go to the profile of lovely.f.domingo
First-generation graduate student. UW iSchool. MS Information Management (InfoSec + HCI/UX). I love my dog, memes (and snark), music, basketball, and food.
Go to the profile of Sonia Graves
Sonia Graves
Mother of three, wife, and STEM Preschool owner
Go to the profile of Return Date Unknown
Return Date Unknown
On my dream trip to travel the world, taste its foods, see its wonders, and meet all the strange and beautiful people who reside here.
Go to the profile of Sally Gallagher
Sally Gallagher
Teacher, writer, animal lover; curious about the world, passionate about the people I love.
Go to the profile of Jenna Spinelle
Jenna Spinelle
Writer, podcaster, and speaker in higher education. I love a good story and believe that everyone has one to tell.
Go to the profile of Dominic Carter
Dominic Carter
Dominic Carter is a TV Political Anchor for FiOS News/ WABC Radio host. Dominic is a Keynote Speaker on Children issues, Foster Care, and Mental Illness.
Go to the profile of Alexander Mackiel
Alexander Mackiel
Wannabe scientist. Interested in evolutionary theory, human nature: conflict and cooperation, violence, morality, emotion, etc. Follow me on Twitter: @ajmackiel
Go to the profile of Pablo Gonzalez
Go to the profile of Micah McGuire
Micah McGuire
Writer, ACE-certified health coach, major productivity geek coaching mental performance and academic success. For coaching, see: https://www.themindredesign.com
Go to the profile of NewSchools Venture Fund
NewSchools Venture Fund
NewSchools Venture Fund is a national nonprofit venture philanthropy working to reimagine public education.
Go to the profile of David Kelly
David Kelly
Writing about politics, society, business, music, and all things personal development. Let’s connect on insta: @thedavidjkelly
Go to the profile of Dhawal Sharma
Go to the profile of Sustainable Solutions
Sustainable Solutions
Writings on energy, efficiency, and sustainability in cities and beyond
Go to the profile of Jessie B. Ramey
Jessie B. Ramey
Jessie B. Ramey, Ph.D., is Director of the Women's Institute and Associate Professor of Women's and Gender Studies at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA.
Go to the profile of Ambrose Little
Ambrose Little
Experienced software and UX guy. Senior Software Engineer at GLG. 8x Microsoft MVP. Book Author. Husband. Father of 7. Armchair Philosopher.
Go to the profile of Dawson Eliasen
Dawson Eliasen
Curious technologist. dsel.me
Go to the profile of Vittoria Ferrero
Go to the profile of Zulie Rane
Zulie Rane
Lover of writing, mother of cats, drinker of cheap red wine. She/her. Want to make money by writing on Medium? Get my starter kit here: tinyurl.com/y4c43ha7
Go to the profile of Zaid K. Dahhaj
Zaid K. Dahhaj
Philosopher: A lover of wisdom. Contact: zaiddahhaj11@gmail.com Instagram & Twitter: @zaiderrr Give my newsletter a follow: https://www.zaiddahhaj.com
Go to the profile of Hai-Anh Trinh
Hai-Anh Trinh
Husband & dad. I write about climate change, sustainability, education, machine learning and parenting. A mathematician-engineer by trade.
Go to the profile of Pavel Konecny
Pavel Konecny
CEO and Co-Founder of NeuronSW.COM
Go to the profile of Jessica Vibberts
Jessica Vibberts
One part compassion, one part no BS…100% about unlocking the potential people have to bring their greatest strengths to the table to improve our world.
Go to the profile of Corey Keyser
Corey Keyser
Philosophy and Policy and Science and Education and Other Things. Exploring the gap between what we think and what really is.
Go to the profile of Carol Booton
Carol Booton
Author, editor, independent researcher
Go to the profile of Kim Krause Berg
Kim Krause Berg
Usability & Accessibility Specialist, Creative Vision Web Consulting; Sr. Consultant, Hochman Consultants; Speaker/Writer; CreativeVisionWebConsulting.com
Go to the profile of LaToya R Jefferson-James
LaToya R Jefferson-James
LaToya Jefferson-James has a Ph.D. in literature. She specializes in literature of the African Diaspora and cultural criticism.
Go to the profile of Katie Mummah
Katie Mummah
Nuclear Engineer and graduate student
Go to the profile of Mike Co
Mike Co
Decentral Intelligence Agent
Go to the profile of Jon Shay
Jon Shay
Among other identities, I'm a middle school teacher, husband and father, bicyclist, vegetarian, environmentalist, Gooner, and maybe, just maybe, a bit more.
Go to the profile of The Doctor Weighs In
The Doctor Weighs In
Dr. Patricia Salber and friends weigh in on leading news in health and healthcare
Go to the profile of Lindsie Scott
Lindsie Scott
Mom | Writer | Eternal Optimist. I believe you can achieve anything you want with the right knowledge and attitude.
Go to the profile of Glen Hendrix
Glen Hendrix
Artist, writer, poet, inventor, entrepreneur
Go to the profile of Jesse Childs
Jesse Childs
Entertainment, Digital Marketing, and Culture IG: jesusninos
Go to the profile of Aphinya Dechalert
Aphinya Dechalert
Embarking on a Prototype Year. Follow me to follow my journey. Connect with me linkedin.com/in/dechalert/ | dottedsquirrel.com | YouTube: bit.ly/2kBrdh0
Go to the profile of Louisa Chalmer
Louisa Chalmer
Chasing a dream.
Go to the profile of Sheri Byrne-Haber
Sheri Byrne-Haber
CPACC Certified Accessibility professional with degrees in CS, law, business. Wheelchair user w/ a deaf daughter. AccessibilityMarketplace.com
Go to the profile of Jerry Hawkins
Jerry Hawkins
I write about education + race + history of cities. Director, @DallasTRHT (W.K. Kellogg Foundation). Co-founder, @theIFInstitute. Former Dir., @BachmanTogether.
Go to the profile of ScottCDunn
Husband, father, worker, philosopher, and observer. Plumbing the depths of consciousness to find the spring of happiness. Write on.
Go to the profile of Amy Bowen
Amy Bowen
Mom of two strong-willed children; lawyer by day still searching for "what to do with my life" by night. Blog at thecleancareer.com/blog
Go to the profile of Melissa Gutwein
Melissa Gutwein
Education Policy | Columbia TC
Go to the profile of Jun Wu
Jun Wu
Writer, Technologist, Poet: Tech|Future|Leadership, Signup: http://bit.ly/2Wv02me, http://bit.ly/34mkjhe, (Forbes-AI, Behind the Code)
Go to the profile of Adam \[._.]/
Adam \[._.]/
Software Architect. Dad. Drawer of things. Creator of https://BeetleRoyale.etsy.com
Go to the profile of Suits + Scruples
Suits + Scruples
Creating a counterculture of humbleness whose citizens value less over more, love over infatuation, and community over competition.
Go to the profile of Parker Duwelius
Parker Duwelius
Founder @ Abilio Learning http://abiliolearning.com ✏️ Pre-service teacher @ Illinois State University 🎓 Level 1 Google Certified Educator 🖥️
Go to the profile of Will Brown
Will Brown
Typical young idealist. Sewing a few subversive seeds and hoping to do some good.
Go to the profile of Shotaro Honda Moore
Shotaro Honda Moore
A writer and photographer living in Hachioji, Japan. Creating articles about the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics, 2022 Beijing Olympics and other interests.
Go to the profile of SexEdPlus Dan
SexEdPlus Dan
Sex educator, researcher, and writer.
Go to the profile of Nicolás di Tada
Nicolás di Tada
Systems design, social innovation, collaboration and the elusive liminality. Director of Engineering at http://instedd.org. Founder at https://manas.tech
Go to the profile of Razvan-Victor Sassu
Razvan-Victor Sassu
President at Young Initiative Association. UN Advocacy Coordinator at World YMCA. Nonprofit sector passionate. Management scholar. Observing the world scene.
Go to the profile of Abhishek Dasmunshy
Go to the profile of Graham Forman
Graham Forman
Serial edtech entrepreneur turned impact investor. Founder and Managing Director at Edovate Capital. #edtech #edchat #education #startup #innovation
Go to the profile of Madeleine Work
Madeleine Work
Freelance writer in clean energy, green technology, sustainability, and blockchain.
Go to the profile of Melody Jiang
Melody Jiang
Multimedia journalist with a focus on broadcast and digital reporting as one-woman band. Columbia University and University of Southern California alumni.
Go to the profile of ImmerseIt
Catch the day, you never now what’s up tomorrow. Want more than articles from me? Look at https://www.immateriell.se/
Go to the profile of Kevin Shau
Go to the profile of Jacob Ashton
Jacob Ashton
Having studied zoology at university, I have now turned to scientific communication. I write a bit of everything, but climate change features most strongly.
Go to the profile of Nicholas Friebel
Nicholas Friebel
User Experience Researcher & Designer | Educator
Go to the profile of John Gibson
John Gibson
Husband. Dad to two daughters. Former Kansas Democratic Party Chair. Farm kid. MIT physics alum.
Go to the profile of charmingcassie9
Go to the profile of Mirjana Stankovic
Mirjana Stankovic
Lawyer for the creative arts, development economist, citizen of the world
Go to the profile of David London
David London
Designer • Filmmaker • Author • Professional Gadfly
Go to the profile of Kayla Lane Freeman
Kayla Lane Freeman
Blogger, not bog girl. Educator and social worker writing about mental health, body image and relationships. MSW/MA candidate, Chicago
Go to the profile of Mayank Jadhav
Go to the profile of Pamela Burdman
Pamela Burdman
is an expert on college access, readiness, and success and founder of Just Equations — a project to re-conceptualize the role of mathematics in education equity
Go to the profile of Kathleen McClaskey
Go to the profile of Shirley J. Davis
Shirley J. Davis
I am an author/speaker living among the corn and bean fields of Illinois in the U.S.
Go to the profile of Matthew R. Manning
Matthew R. Manning
I seek the truth and try to make it plain. Words on identity, race, masculinity, and mental health.
Go to the profile of Lianna Gomori-Ruben
Lianna Gomori-Ruben
Lianna Gomori-Ruben, M.A., is a naturalist, writer, and a former teacher committed to a world in which all living beings may fully bloom.
Go to the profile of Rosa en la Tierra
Rosa en la Tierra
Conscious earthling. 15 years connecting institutions, companies, entrepreneurs, techies & citizens w/ planet Earth. Zero waste. LATAM Explorer. @rosaenlatierra
Go to the profile of Emily Kingsley
Emily Kingsley
Working hard to find the time and space to read a good book. Any recommendations?
Go to the profile of Cordula Taiwo
Go to the profile of Ankita Sinha
Ankita Sinha
Artist. User Experience Designer. Sustainable living evangelist.
Go to the profile of Jordan Godwin
Jordan Godwin
Writer, linguist and educator. www.jordan-godwin.com. Fiction at www.jordanfelker.com
Go to the profile of Alex M H Smith
Alex M H Smith
Strategist writing on the nature of complex systems in philosophy, business, and football. Founder of www.basicarts.org.
Go to the profile of Trixie Pacis
Trixie Pacis
Mapped global correspondent · digital nomad · screenwriter
Go to the profile of Sarah L. Bromley
Sarah L. Bromley
Writing about the questions I wish I had the answers to. Economics graduate based in Mexico. Contact me: contact@sarahlbromley.com
Go to the profile of Jack Farrell
Jack Farrell
Retired Advanced Placement English Teacher, Consultant Teacher & School Board Trustee. Early proponent of the Common Core Standards. commoncore.weebly.com
Go to the profile of Ashley S
Ashley S
Full-time VP/COO in the service sector. Part-time passion writer of all the things. Goal: swap that ratio by bringing my experience to others through writing.
Go to the profile of Paula Fontenelle
Paula Fontenelle
A therapist who specializes in suicide prevention. Believes in sharing experiences with compassion and empathy. www.understandsuicide.com
Go to the profile of Shuyi Chua
Shuyi Chua
Lover of books and writing. Curious about life and people. Writes devotionals for the weary soul.
Go to the profile of Issac Scoggins, M.Ed.
Issac Scoggins, M.Ed.
Teacher. Writer. Philosopher. Progressive. Self-determined.
Go to the profile of D. E. Fulford
D. E. Fulford
word-y | English instructor | Ed.D. candidate | motorcyclist | partner | devilrhps@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Beth Pandolpho
Beth Pandolpho
Teacher of English. Student of Life. Writer and Storyteller. https://www.edutopia.org/profile/beth-pandolpho
Go to the profile of David ALADE
I'm here to share my view with my "pen"
Go to the profile of Iranian-American
A voice of the Persian community.
Go to the profile of Justin Ward
Justin Ward
Radical journalist. Write about extremism, politics, class, labor, history and media. Bylines at SPLC, The Baffler & ArcDigi.Twitter: @justwardoctrine
Go to the profile of Grady Bolding
Grady Bolding
Freelance writer and contributor to Cultured Vultures. Interests include media, film, and politics.
Go to the profile of Zita Fontaine
Zita Fontaine
Writer. Dreamer. In love with words. Becoming the best version of myself one word at a time. I write about love and life. zita.substack.com
Go to the profile of Katie Acosta
Katie Acosta
I am a queer, woman of color, scholar-activist. writing about parenting, loving, forgiving and struggle
Go to the profile of Aly Wilkins
Aly Wilkins
Educator | Traveller | Foodie | Writer
Go to the profile of Morgan Kaiser
Morgan Kaiser
Analytics grad student | ML enthusiast | Aspiring data storyteller
Go to the profile of Josie Elbiry
Josie Elbiry
Player: Creative Nonfiction
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Maria Chapman
Writer | Educator | Mother | Wife | Fitness | Chronic Illness | Social Change | Mental Health
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Erika Burkhalter
Yogi, cat-mom, photographer, lover of travel and nature, spreading amazement for Mother Earth, one photo, poem or story at a time. (MA Yoga, MS Neuropsychology)
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Olivier Loose
I am a writer at A Circle Is Round (https://acircleisround.com) and my articles reflect one common theme, i.e. our interconnected nature. Enjoy the reading!
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Multi-ethnic creative non-binary. Spouts nonsense that occasionally makes sense.
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Lars Kiewidt
I’m Lars, a Chemical Engineer (PhD) who wants to contribute to the transition to a sustainable circular economy. Views expressed here are my own.