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Age of Awareness

An Introverted English Teacher’s Account of Daily Teaching

It’s late, but quiet in my living room.

Photo by Andraz Lazic on Unsplash

11:30pm: Living Room

The holidays were loud.

It’s late, but quiet in my living room.

8:15am: Meeting

“How was your break?”

I ate Totino’s while building a $248,000 expert-level park in Roller Coaster Tycoon. My dopamine spiked. I took several baths. I didn’t have it in me to dry my hair this morning. My ear is ringing.

…“It was really nice. How was yours?”

10:00am: Class

“So if we were to decide on a main purpose for writing, what would it be for this author and this passage?”

“Was the author persuading, informing or entertaining us?”


“Yes. Very nice.”

I don’t have it in me to ask for a complete sentence like we learned in professional development. I just can’t.

My eyelid twitches.

1:00pm: Another Class

“Today, we’re going to be in small groups with me working in one of them.”

I can do this.

“What this will look like is…”

I’m about to read a passage four times and help four sets of students. I can do this.

“This means that…”

Am I really about to read a full passage four times? I’d have them do it, but they don’t want to. And I don’t want them to have to.

I finally sit with my small group as others get started. They look at me, surprised to have a teacher…there.

I read the passage. We answer the questions. I give them sentence starters for their answers. They’re appreciative. We practice skills.

One looks at me eyes that know: This passage and questions are obsolete. The skills focused on don’t matter. These tests are making schools weird. School didn’t used to feel like this.

3:00pm: Class

“How are you, miss?”

“Doing okay, how about you?”

“Same. I’m tired.”

They know this story better than anyone.

“It’s quiet in here.”

“Yes it is.”




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