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Babies Crawl First — Don’t Jump Into Something You’re Not Mature Enough To Do

Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash

It’s easy to say you want to be like the greats and try to perform as they do — even if they are years or even decades ahead of you. You try to do big things during a short period and expect the results they had.

I remember when I wrote my first guide. I thought it was as simple as writing the guide and waiting for sales to start rolling in. Although I got day one sales, I still didn’t get as many sales as I thought I would get.

I had read of people who sold over 1,000 copies of their ebooks in the first month, and I was pumped up and thought that with my little experience blogging and my email subscribers and my Linkedin followers, I’ll be able to that amount in less time.

I was confident about what was to come. I think that’s one of my faults (which is counted as a benefit at times), but I tend to believe that the exceptional would happen even with little preparation — sometimes they do, but other times they don’t.

My mistake was, I didn’t build enough loyal following. I just banked on what I already had, and believed that because I had some followers, it would be easy and I’ll easily hit that target — but you know how they say it’s good to fail fast, so yeah, that’s a plus.

But I was disappointed — which was expected, but it wasn’t all that bad because I took the risk and learned a great deal.

And that’s the good thing about pushing your limits and doing things and expecting results way beyond your reach.

On the one hand, out of some miracle, you might get what you planned and even more; and on the other hand, you won’t also come close, but you will gain way more experience than people who didn’t dare to try.

There’s a reason why you should crawl first.

It’s natural to crawl first and take things one step at a time to avoid injuries. A baby’s legs are not strong enough to stand erect. So if they do, it can cause serious injuries that would leave scars.

You can apply this to everything. You shouldn’t expect that in your first month of freelancing, you would make those huge amounts like other people that have been in the game for years have been making — It takes time.

It would help if you didn’t think that because people on Medium make thousands of dollars on their articles that you would make it from your first day. You will get frustrated easily if that’s how you think.

And this is why people give up on things quickly. They never trust the process. I shouldn’t be using “they” because I was part of the “they.” I thought you just needed to launch an info product, and you will earn six-figures immediately. So, I’m talking to myself too.

People leave their experiences on the internet. We see the good and bad, but we don’t feel it. We just believe that our case is different and that we’re special. So we overlook the struggles the person went through and start trying to fly without learning how to crawl. And when we’re not able to fly, and we crash, we move to the next thing — continually living in quiet desperation.

A baby first learns how to crawl. Then when she tries to walk, she falls and tries again and again until she gets there.

That’s all this article is about — consistency.

Even when you believe you can fly, you still have to run a bit to gain momentum. So no matter your experience, no matter what you think, if you want to do something new, be ready to crash several times before you perfect the act.

If you get frustrated and quit and do something else, you’d have to start all over again from the crawling stage before you can fly.

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