Back-to-School 2020: A New Way to Prep for Education

Going back to school this year won’t be like anything we’ve ever experienced before

Wendy Miller
Age of Awareness
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13 min readJul 27, 2020


Image Source: White77 from Pixabay

Corona changed everything. From the way we work and socialize to the way we shop and work out. And education did not escape the rampant changes of the pandemic. In fact, in many ways, school was perhaps the hardest hit.

Our kids were sent home suddenly and unexpectedly — many went home for spring break and never returned. Teachers scrambled to figure out how to continue teaching in a matter of days, and students and parents scrambled to figure out how to work and school from home, many times without all the supplies they needed.

School districts have been trying to figure out how to reopen for months and some are coming up with solutions. They’re not perfect solutions, to be sure, and many parents and teachers are frustrated with their options.

It would be nice if we could just keep the schools closed until things settle down. But when we look around, it’s clear that there are some places where they won’t be settling down any time soon. And for many parents, particularly single ones, school is a necessity. They need to work and while school shouldn’t be a babysitter, for many parents, it is useful to be able to send their kids to school while they work. Without school, those parents might have to decide between paying for childcare or paying other critical bills — or trying to survive financially without working.

Preparing for heading back to school this year won’t look like what you’ve done before. There is extraordinarily little about this year that will be like what you’ve done before. And if this is your child’s first time in school, you’ll be having a vastly different experience than many other parents have had.

But even though it will be different, it doesn’t mean you can’t prepare. There’s actually a lot you can — and should — do to get your kids and yourself ready for heading back to school.

Own your decision

Most school districts are offering at least two choices for how to return to school. If that’s the case where you are, you might be struggling with your decision. You might want to send your kids…