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Building Excellence Is Never Just A One-Time Thing

Photo by Benjamin Thomas on Unsplash

Once there was a carpenter who was very good at what he does; He takes pride in all of his works.

In his entire life, he had dedicated his profession and services to his employer while always making sure he was delivering his best.

As soon as he had grown old, he told his employer that he now intends to retire from work. The employer was saddened since he did not like losing such a dedicated carpenter.

Though the carpenter wanted to be immediately relieved from his service, the employer still decided to give him a final assignment — to construct a home.

At first, the carpenter was a bit hesitant because he no longer wants to work. With the employer’s persistence, the carpenter eventually accepted the assignment but grudgingly and unwillingly.

For months, he built the house without showing any interest in his work.

When he finally completed the house, he then rushed to inform his employer about it. However, the employer asked the carpenter to come to him the next day instead — the carpenter’s final working day.

On that next day, the employer thanked him for his long service of dedication and excellence. Then as a retirement gift, the employer gave the carpenter keys to a newly constructed home.

To the carpenter’s shock, he did not know that the house he reluctantly made actually belonged to him.

With this, he regretted not maintaining the same passion and enthusiasm during its construction.

Had he only retained his excellence towards the end of his career, he would have ended up with a better home.

Excellence is not a trophy you win overnight. It is a lifestyle — a state of mind you continuously value and nurture.

True excellence is not just about striving to become a better version of yourself. It’s also about how you contribute to others.

Just like what they say, “What goes around, comes around.”

If you have given something good, you get back good things in return. If you have given something inadequate, you get back unpleasant things in return.

Excellence is never just a one-time thing, it is a habit you must be consistent with. To live up to your best potential, you must know that you deserve more than what you had settled.

There is no shortcut to achieving success. You have to put the work into it. Persistence, hard work, and grit altogether have a part to play.

As a human being, I believe that one greatest fear of man is the feeling of regret. The pain of letting your dreams slip away right before your eyes could hunt you for a lifetime.

You don’t need to be excellent every day. You don’t need to unveil your value each step of the way. Just make sure you’re conscious enough of your actions when gearing towards your goals.

Just keep giving your best shot no matter what it is you do. That’s all that matters. And remember, everyone in life is a carpenter in their own way, may it be through building things from scratch or repairing broken parts.

“If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception; it is a prevailing attitude.” — Colin Powell



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