Building Great Work Relationships

A great team has a feeling of being connected

Fendy dc
Fendy dc
Jul 15, 2020 · 6 min read
Building Great Work Relationships
Building Great Work Relationships
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here are many ways organizations have to succeed. One way is to create a team to perform tasks in the organization. In Entrepreneur, there is a term “behind the success of a great team”. The term is true because the team is the key to organizational success. But it’s not easy to make a solid team, because everyone on the team has different characters, so it needs a way to make the team solid. A team capable of making successful organizations must have a hard effort.

Solid teams need a good working environment and good relationships with coworkers.

Every individual can certainly accomplish tasks with the skills they have, but not all tasks can be solved without coworkers help. There is one condition that requires you to cooperate with colleagues. If the task requires other skills then the team performance will be superior to the individual performance. Working with the team will result in a positive synergy through the effort communicated. Working with the team is more effective and efficient than individual work. The team’s performance is better because people on the team have many complementary skills.

Teams had to try to achieve “Vision” and “Mission” and implement “Work Culture” as a guide to work. In the organization refer to the purpose as vision, while mission as a way to achieve vision. From the vision and mission there is a working culture as a habit to do. Having a good relationship with coworkers is a part of the work culture to be done while working.

Solid team consists of members who have great skills in their field. In addition, a solid team is placed in a single workspace that is useful for easy communication. But does the skill and work in one workspace make a solid team good?


Skill is the main need for team members to generate contributions for the team. Without a good contribution, it will make the team unable to carry out its duties. Skills can be insights and skills that can be obtained at school and outside school.

Having a good skill (science) must be balanced with the skill of communicating with coworkers. In the world of work is known as “Interpersonal Skill”.

Interpersonal skills are the ability to know, confront and communicate with others. In addition, interpersonal skills will create a harmonious relationship between coworkers.

Work in one workspace

Many teams working in one workspace with the best facilities and designing tables work close to each other. This aims to allow the team to easily communicate so that they get good results to complete the team’s tasks.

You need to know, if it works in need of mood to think and “chemistry” with coworkers to make the atmosphere comfortable. Without good relations with coworkers, the cooperation only looks solid from the physical, but your feelings are uncomfortable. It takes good relations to build a solid team. Establishing good relationships with coworkers fosters a sense of solidarity and needs each other.

Great Skill and work in one room is not enough to make the team solid. It takes a good relationship a coworker to make the team more solid.

Many corporate leaders focus only on improving employee convenience by providing corporate facilities, raising salaries, promotion of departments and providing training. That step is given the company as an appreciation for building individuals to better. Obviously, this way only adds a plus point to the individual. In fact, in the company there are teams that also need to be built. If making employees comfortable only benefits individuals, then improving relationships with colleagues will make the closeness of team members increasingly familiar.

“Building an individual” must be followed by “team building”

The requirement to be a solid team that is often forgotten is building the social sensitivity of members to understand each other. Should the company’s leaders not only focus on enhancing individual comfort, but need to create a solid team by making connections with coworkers.

One way to create a solid team is to “build good relationships with team members”. Good relations in the workforce can be interpreted as a gesture of mutual respect for coworkers as friends. This attitude makes us get to know each other so as to understand what the advantages and disadvantages of coworkers. Many ways to build good relationships with coworkers, example :

1. Providing time together for fun

Life is not to continue working, give coworkers time to have fun. Providing time together makes the friendship quality more intimate. Vacations are one way to have fun.

2. Make coworkers laugh

Laughing at each other makes the working atmosphere more comfortable. Allow time to laugh at each other to make the working atmosphere fluid. But remember, giving jokes has limitations. Don’t use working time to keep making jokes.

3. Lunch with colleagues

From on lunch alone you better choose a lunch with a coworker. Use lunchtime to communicate relaxed and make your mind fresh.

4. Position coworkers as friends

The worst mistake that makes a team is not solid is to think of coworkers as competitors. There are no competitors in the team because everyone in the team has to work together to perform tasks. Position coworkers as friends who will help accomplish team assignments.

5. Greetings

Being friendly is an easy way to build good relationships with coworkers. Give a smile and greet you can do while you are meeting. This simple way will create a cheerful work atmosphere.

6. Help each other when needed

Helping coworkers is a great way to create good cooperation for the team. Helping each other make you feel better.

7. Maintain privacy

Having good relationships with coworkers has restrictions that are not to be passed. These limits are the privacy of coworkers. Keep your coworkers privacy so you always have good relationships with your coworkers.

Creating a good relationship doesn’t make you work unprofessional, disrespectful and don’t use familiarity to utilize coworkers, such as “always ask them to get work done”.

We know all people must obey the vision, mission and culture of work determined by the organization. If not having a good relationship will make you think a coworker is someone else, not a friend. In fact, coworkers are friends.

Make coworkers “friends” not “competitors”

Establishing good relationships is beneficial as an individual liaison to other coworkers. These are the benefits:

  • Making the atmosphere of the company comfortable — You’ll feel comfortable working because it has a coworker with one frequency
  • Creating mutual respect for coworkers ‘ characters — Good relationships with coworkers make you understand the character of a coworker, and you must respect and complement each other
  • Creating a sense of care — a sense of care will make you feel alone there are always workers who will care about you
  • Feeling each other in need — No team member is most powerful because the work will require the contribution of coworkers
  • Making a sense of convenience to invite talking — Work requires communication to perform the task. Good relationships make communication a necessity
  • Building the mood — Mood can be created with a comfortable working atmosphere
  • Feeling the same goal — Establishing a good relationship makes all team members have the same goals and no individual goals.

A good skill and working in one workspace does not guarantee to make a solid team. commitment from all team members is required to carry out the task. A solid team will be proven with the ability to survive with various problems. The longer a solid team will become stronger. Many other ways to make a solid team. The important point is making good relations with colleagues

Building a good working relationship with coworkers is important to make the team solid, because work is not only connected in one space, but hearts must be connected to each other.

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Stories providing creative, innovative, and sustainable changes to the ways we learn

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