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Can Amazon and the Largest Housing Project Coexist?

America’s Largest Housing Project

Will Amazon be a good thing for poor people?

Amazon delivered some high-paying jobs in Seattle and contributed to Seattle’s booming economy

But what does this all mean at the Queensbridge Housing Project in Long Island City.

It seems the people with the most to lose or gain, the actual residents of Queensbridge Houses are willing to give Amazon a shot.

April Andrews — Queensbridge Resident
Queensbridge Houses in Long Island City, NY
Albert Carter (Seated) and Windale Tillery

But Amazon has already said some of the jobs WILL require advanced college degrees. A sticky subject with these men

Truth be told, Amazon is a hit or miss topic

Daisy Cheese — Queensbridge Resident
Ahmed Sulaiman of the Cozy Gourmet Deli inside the Queensbridge Houses

Mom and Pop Stores

K. Bain is on the left, wearing the NY Yankees cap

Full circle with the Optimism

Theodore Miller -Queensbridge Resident

Will Amazon change the world of some residents of the Queensbridge Houses or will it just be the status-quo.

Is it possible we could look back at this deal, a decade later and conclude Amazon was the best thing to ever happen to the Queensbridge Houses?

This may be a tough sell to some, who believe poor communities are nothing but a financial drain on taxpayers. Dare I make this controversial point.

Poor Communities need economic infusion just like communities that flourish, and who knows, that tax base may just start flowing to city coffers. That’s the answer to turning Poor communities into ones that are thriving.



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Dominic Carter

Dominic Carter is a Political Commentator/WABC Radio. Dominic also is a Keynote Speaker on Child Abuse, Foster Care, and Mental Illness.