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Age of Awareness

Can Shorter Showers Really Make a Difference? Sure, if you Count all 18,000,000 Million of Them!

Carolyn F. Chryst

Image by Marilou Burleson from Pixabay

Cooperstown, NY is known as the home of the baseball hall of fame. But what is little known and perhaps far more important, the Cooperstown’s area is where you find the headwaters of the Susquehanna River. Named after the Susquehannock or Susquehanna people. Susquehanna…




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Carolyn F. Chryst, Ph.D.

Carolyn F. Chryst, Ph.D.

Has had an eclectic life — Waitress, Actress, Zoo Curator, Story Teller, Poet, Exhibit Designer, Writer, Farmer and Educator.

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