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Can the Coronavirus Birth the Regeneration of Earth?

It is starting to feel like a specific kind of cascading collapse may be upon us.

As the Coronavirus spreads virally, the gutted social supports left in the 40 year wake of Neoliberal Capitalism are causing many people to lose their jobs; need to find ways to take care of their kids while continuing to work; and generally be on their own to fight for survival.

The population overshoot enabled by the Green Revolution and fossil fuels has created a globalized consumer market economy that degraded many landscapes and polluted nearly everything.

The nation states of the world are proving to be ill-equipped to deal with our incredibly complex challenges. Corporate media is thoroughly useless. A larger bank heist than that of 2009 was enacted over the weekend and most people don’t even know it (with $1.5 trillion handed from taxpayers in the US to obscenely wealthy people who hoard endlessly).

This is the “Sociopath’s Dream” I wrote about in my book on Earth Regeneration. It is the winning story of the day. Yet it is also self-terminating. Sociopaths may be smart — or at least the statistical distribution of intelligence applies to the occasional asshole who happens to also be a sociopath — but they lack the feedback mechanisms to see their own demise.

Yet something stirs.

It is becoming possible for millions of people to remove themselves from the mental shackles of the slave economy. They have the time on their hands now that they cannot go to work. How many of them will devote themselves to the regeneration of the Earth and the safeguarding of humanity’s future?

Right now, the answer is effectively zero. But that could change if enough of us offer stories about how to live differently. We need scaffolding to support the life transitions for these millions of people.

It could be time… if we make it so.

Onward, fellow humans.

P.S. I am happy to co-create this scaffolding platform with anyone who seeks to earnestly serve Gaia.

Join us in the Earth Regenerators study group to do this. Yes, I am serious.




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Joe Brewer

I am a change strategist working on behalf of humanity, and also a complexity researcher, cognitive scientist, and evangelist for the field of culture design.

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