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Catalysing a regenerative response to crisis: from problems to potential

In gratitude to all readers/listeners & my Patreon supporters

The day the WHO Organisation declared COVID 19 a pandemic — on March 11th, 2020 — I was in Lisbon and wrote a blog post entitled ‘Phase Shift has arrived! The Pandemic as a catalyst for transformation. ’ Immediately after I changed my journey dates in anticipation of all my workshops and talks being cancelled.

Much has changed in the four months since then. I had to adjust my own work and begin to ask for support to continue to be able to afford the time I have spent on research, writing, and network weaving to freely share outputs on Medium and social media. So on April 1st, I set up a Patreon Profile to enable people who are in a position to contribute in support of my ongoing work.

I am deeply grateful to the 39 people around the world who have since responded to this request by collectively contributing 1223 Euros each month so I can keep working without constantly feeling the tension between my passion for research, advocacy and network weaving in support of the ReGeneration rising and the immediate need to support my family’s running costs. This is a form of report to my Patreon supporters reviewing (some) my work over the last 3 month (with links to many recordings and articles) — offered in gratitude for what they have enabled me to do.

Initially I needed to redesign all the cancelled work in Portugal for online delivery. I ran two online courses in collaboration with Culturgest, Goethe Institute and Ashoka Portugal:

Workshop on Education & Regenerative Cultures:

Workshop on Cultural Institutions & Regenerative Cultures:

The trip to Portugal was in part about launching the Portuguese Version of Designing Regenerative Cultures, that was made possible by the hard work of Isabel Valle from Editora Bambual who already published a Brazilian version of the book in March 2019.

Some of my work is also going to be featured in a new book on Deep Ecology that will be based on the Nordic by Nature podcast series I participated on a while ago:

Still in March, I gave an interview for a German magazine called ‘evolve’:

and recorded an interview with Eduard Mueller as part of the University of International Cooperation (UCI)’s certificate programme in Regenerative Entrepreneurship:

On April 2nd, Culturgest hosted the talk that I could not deliver in Lisbon due to the beginning of Lockdown. We had more than 7000 views on Facebook Live during the 2 hours, and since over 5700 people have watched the recording on Youtube:

The following day I played the role of virtual ‘Keynote Listener’ at the AGM of ECOLISE:


On April 6th Simone Cicero and I recorded a conversation for his new podcast series:

On April 9th I recorded an amazing and wide ranging conversation with Stuart Cowan about his work with Christopher Alexander, Sim van Der Ryn, and more recently with the Capital Institute and the Regenerative Communities Network:

In support of John Liu’s and the Ecosystems Restoration Camp movement’s online event on the Great Work of our Time, I recorded this conversation with him. Unfortunately technical glitches did not allow me to actually contribute to the event.

The same week Virginie Glaenzer invited me to kick off a podcast conversation on her Pass the Mic show with Gregory Landua from the Regen Network, May East from Gaia Education and the amazing Nora Bateson.

I contributed to the Empathy Cafe Series on the principles of Extinction Rebellion talking about Principle 3: ‘We need a regenerative culture’ on April 18th:

On April 28th I offered a free webinar to a local ethical business association on the potential of small enterprise to contribute to bioregional regeneration on the island.

I also contributed a recorded interview with Becca Dakini for the One Earth Live online music festival’s ‘speakers stage’.

More of the festival’s rich programme:

In early May I met with Nuno da Silva and Eva Schoenfeld online to record my contribution to the amazing Coming Down to Earth summit they co-curated with a wonderful team of change makers:

The same week I talked to two young students from universities in Portugal who wanted to bring the idea of regeneration closer to their networks VO.U. Olhar o Mundo (

I also started a wonderful fortnightly call between my colleagues at and some of the key people in Regenesis Institute aimed at exploring some of their common roots in the work of J.G. Bennett, David Bohm, and others, as well as, to look into how we could collaborate in the future. These 90 minute calls every second Friday have been a great education for me.

The SOIL (School of Inspired Leadership) Institute of Management in India, headed and founded by Anil Sachdev invited me for a conversation/webinar about my work:

… and I wrote a blog about the conversation afterwards:

I also recorded a conversation with my friend and mentor Anthony Hodgson from to help promote the excellent ‘Facilitating Transformational Journeys’ course that has been curated to help people make better use of the online tool-box that we have been building over the last decade.

Here is a blog post about the course and the resource library with more links:

I wrote an article for Resurgence & Ecologist on ‘Building a New Normal’ that came out in the July/August issue, which I will post on Medium soon. It was a pleasure to be invited to contribute the keynote to one of their editions after having been a reader of both magazines (now one) for more than 20 years.

I contributed to the Ocean Summit organised by The Ocean Race and took part in a workshop to help them think about the future programmes they are evolving to promote ocean health through this unique international sporting even with a huge and worldwide media reach.

A German NGO called Ocean Now asked me for a webinar in their beautiful series ‘Inseparable — on our relationship with the ocean and nature’ and I very much enjoyed talking to the co-founders (see ).

I gave and interview that was turned into an article for the regular magazine of Germany’s largest trade union — IG Metal — about the potential role of collaboration between trade unions, large businesses and local/regional authorities in using the challenges and opportunities of COVID 19 to start a process of re-regionalization of production and consumption and bioregional regeneration in general:

I really got into the video-blog series ‘Voices of the Regeneration’ and recorded a number of conversations with old friends and collaborators and other thought and action leaders of the ReGeneration Rising:

Including a conversation with John Elkington from Volans about his recent book ‘Green Swans’ and the somewhat paradoxical notion of ‘Regenerative Capitailism’:

Volans also invited me to contribute to the Green Swans Book Club and I very much enjoyed my conversation about Designing Regenerative Cultures with Louise Kjellerup Roper, the CEO of Volans:

I was delighted to be approached by Rhonda Fabian from the amazing publication Kosmos Journal who offered to provide transcripts of some of these interviews and also to edit part of the videos into more professionally produced clips.

I particularly like the short video they created on the basis of a conversation I had with John Fullerton earlier this year:

Here is the transcript of the whole interview:

They also create some videos that were out-takes of my conversation with Fritjof Capra last Febuary:

Here are the transcripts of the whole interview that Kosmos helped with:

My old friend Helena Norberg Hodge, who I have known for nearly 20 years since I did my Masters in Holistic Science at Schumacher College, organized a great initiative ‘World Localization Day’ and I helped her promote the event and contributed to the programme of the day.

One June 11th, I joined a live webinar of Gaia University’s ‘Gaia Radio’ for a conversation with the two founders Andrew Langford and Liora Adler about ‘Education and Regenerative Cultures’. We explored how it is time to create a passport for life long learners and a map of all the courses, capacity building programmes and opportunities for project based learning offered by the wide networks of Gaia U, Gaia Education, the different permaculture and agroforestry networks, U Labs, NVC courses, Dragon Dreaming, Sociocracy … and so on, to enable people to collect a record of their ongoing learning which can then be certified by the collective networks. This would enable the ‘Greta Thunberg’ generation to build up their own bespoke pathways of learning as an alternative to out of date and out of context university degrees.

My friends Peter Merry and Jim Garrison at Ubiquity University kindly invited me to the ‘Humanity Rising’ programme they curated as marathon online summit during 40 days of lockdown.

Radical Collaboration In order to achieve the change that is needed, an unprecedented level of collaboration will be required. This session looks at what that means and the insights and tools that our speakers have discovered on their journeys.

Emanuel Kuntzelman, social entrepreneur, writer, environmentalist, co-creator of the Global Purpose Movement — Cooperation at the Core of the Holomovement

George Por, Founder, President, Campus Co-Evolve — Mobilizing the Co-Intelligence of the Movements for a Thrivable World

Jeff Genung, Co-founder of Contemplative Life, Transformation 365 & Prosocial Spirituality — Prosocial Spirituality, Where Evolutionary Science Meets Contemplative Inquiry

Daniel Wahl, consultant, educator and activist — Cooperative advantage: Bioregional pathways to Human and Planetary Health

I also recorded a series of shorter video clips on the potential for bioregional regeneration with and for my friends at Save The Med to help energise the local conversation about how to use the COVID 19 crisis as a catalyst for bioregional regeneration on Mallorca and the Balearic Islands. I will share them once they have been released.

On the invitation of Dr. Deeanna Burleson from Systemic Excellence Global, I offered a webinar through Systemic Excellence Global on ‘Regenerative Cultures: Systems Thinking, Systems Doing, Systems Being’:

Ken McLeod from Anthropocene Transition (Australia) invited Jason Twill, Chels Marshall, Morag Gamble and me to co-create a series on ‘Restoring the Future — Regenerative Transition Strategies’, which I have thoroughly enjoyed so far — one more episode to come.

This is the recording of the session where I lead off with an initial presentation on ‘Bioregional Economies and Subsidiarity’:

… and this is last Tuesday’s recording with the amazing Chels Marshall:

On June 22nd, I had the opportunity to interview my friend and long-term collaborator at Gaia Education, CIFAL Findhorn/Scotland (UNITAR) and the Findhorn Ecovillage, May East, about her impressive journey as an educator and activator of change agents around the world:

Kosha Joubert from the Global Ecovillage Network invited Mugove Nyika from the Rescope Programme in Malawi and me to join her for the opening session of her course ‘Regenerative Community Design’. It was one of my favourite conversations in these very busy few months.

On June 29th I participated in an Instagram Live organised by Gaia Education to have a conversation with May East about the role of education in enabling the rise of the ReGeneration:

I could continue, … and this post is only listing the events and conversations that left a sharable digital record. Once you add all the networking calls, the local work trying to help my friend Miquel Ramis to find support of ‘Balears Verd’ — a plan to regenerate Mallorca by planting more than a million trees (and that’s the simplistic version of a very elaborate plan), and some additional consultancy engagements I had over the last four month, you can imagine that there is never a dull moment in my life.

Thanks again for all the supporters on Patreon for making it easier for me to say yes to much of this work (as the majority is unpaid). Your support enables me to share all this material freely with many more people who might not be in a position to be able to contribute. ReGeneration Rising!

If you like the post, please clap AND remember that you can clap up to 50 times if you like it a lot ;-)!

Daniel Christian Wahl — Catalyzing transformative innovation in the face of converging crises, advising on regenerative whole systems design, regenerative leadership, and education for regenerative development and bioregional regeneration.

Author of the internationally acclaimed book Designing Regenerative Cultures




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Daniel Christian Wahl

Daniel Christian Wahl

Catalysing transformative innovation, cultural co-creation, whole systems design, and bioregional regeneration. Author of Designing Regenerative Cultures

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