Charter School Makes Closure Official

After lying to parents & students about its viability for months, the North Valley Military Institute finally admits it has no path forward.

Carl J. Petersen
Age of Awareness
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4 min readAug 29

Over, finished, gone, done, out!

– Fīnalē by Anthrax

After punting last week with a resolution to “suspend educational operations,” the North Valley Military Institute (NVMI) Board of Trustees was forced to meet again on Friday, August 25, 2023. The meeting began with an announcement that five members had resigned, reducing the size of the Board to five. For some reason, members whose terms had expired on June 30, 2023, were still included, highlighting the continued incompetence of this body.

The only action item on the agenda of the meeting was the consideration of “a resolution to voluntarily surrender the charter of the…School and close…due to lack of viable facilities effective close of business August 31, 2023, and appoint Kellie Jackson…responsible for closure-related activities.” Before voting, the public was allowed to speak.

The leadership at NVMI had been lying for so long about the allegations made against the school that parents and students seemed to have a hard time accepting the severity of the operational deficiencies. Teetering on bankruptcy and lacking a legal space to operate, the board had no path forward. Yet, the parents who spoke begged the Board to vote against the proposal to surrender the charter.

“Asking that the Board keep the school open.”

- NVMI Parent

Even worse, the concerns expressed over the past several weeks about the negative effects resulting from the school’s lack of an orderly transition plan seem to be borne out by the experiences of these parents. One has a child who is still not enrolled in another school:

“My student has been sitting at home all week. The home…



Carl J. Petersen
Age of Awareness

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