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Cleaning PV modules: what are the options?

Robot cleaning PV array (source)
  1. Mechanical (10) (11) (16),
  2. Fluids (2);
  3. Mechanical with fluids (air, water, and others)(3)(4)(12)(17);
  4. Electrostatic cleaning systems (5);
  5. Acoustics cleaning systems (6).
  1. Super-hydrophilicity (embracing water)(7);
  2. Super-hydrophobic (repelling water)(8);
  3. Icephobic (ice repellent)(9).
Test of Super-hydrophilicity coating (source: 7)
Micro-crack detection on Electro Luminescence test (source)
Water use during PV array cleaning (source)
MIT electrostatic waterless PV module cleaning (source)



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