Do You Think You are Weird?

We talk to ourselves more than we talk to others. But that does not make us odd, weird, or pathetic. Maybe we are just dreamers. Maybe it’s just the way who we are. It’s not like we have that many interesting people around us to talk to… It’s more like the people we know will not talk about the interesting parts of themselves. Because they’re too busy trying to seem normal. And I am sure that most of the people feel me on this. Let the other people think that we are lonely, weird, or pathetic even because we have no one else to talk to and we can only initiate a conversation with ourselves.

Well it’s not our fault that they are not as interesting as we are. That’s why we’d rather watch a film or read a book than speak to them.

And sometimes, even though we see ourselves as an introvert, people see us as an extrovert. This happens because we are not shy like them. It’s easy for us to communicate with people we do not know. People do not know that extroversion/introversion are not about shyness. It is about tolerance/desire for external stimuli. I have been telling this to people and they still do not understand and I stopped trying on that. For instance, I got another one yesterday when someone told me that I can choose to not be an introvert. If only it was one of the things you can change like a t-shirt. And it is not being an introvert is a bad thing, that we have to change.

Yes, we love to work but we are also crazy procrastinators. But we still are not odd.

We refuse to do something a certain way just because that’s how it’s done by the most. Instead, we reflect on it and try to see if it works well for us or if there’s a better way. And more people should be like us.

We do not think in words. We always have to translate our thoughts into words before we can speak which results in us taking long pauses to think. Actually, we find it odder that most people think in words.

We think in thoughts, that’s way normal. Everyone else is odd.

Ever have that feeling when we do not know what we want to be or what do we do with our lives. We are got stuck on a career that we know we do not want, but since we absolutely have a clear focus as to what we really want we cannot do otherwise. When we know we want to try a lot of things like cinematography or writing a novel but when we try to start something we cannot get your mind to compose anything and so the pages remained empty.

This is so normal and we are still normal people.