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Electric Limos — Why Aren’t They Listed In Tesla’s Manufacturing List Anywhere?

Fame, what you like, is in the Limo; Fame, what you get, is no Tomorrow — David Bowie

Photo by Milly Vueti on Unsplash

The concept of electronic cars has taken the industry by storm for a few years now. In the cosmos of the automobile industry, Tesla has earned quite fame and a leading position. Other companies have also tried building e-cars, but by far, Tesla holds a front lead. It is because of complex technology and the costs incurred in fabricating the final product. Other combustion engine car production companies failed to achieve what Tesla already has.

That’s the reason why Tesla rolls out of its pipeline only sedans and mid-sized luxury cars. True that the very first model of Tesla was a racing car meant for sports. But, now, the focus of Tesla has shifted towards making cars that are economical and affordable by citizens belonging to the middle-class category. The company now aims at developing car models that do not have a strictly exclusive customer base.

As for limousines, they have a very strict exclusive customer base as they are only used on special occasions or events. The lengthy limos have quite a lot of additional decorative fittings that are added to make them look luxurious. This implies more battery consumption for a single ride on a limo. Since the main objective behind Tesla’s car manufacturing is to provide battery technology for electric cars aimed at deriving more mileage out of the stored charge.

Tesla has succeeded at it, but, the costs incurred for even a normal size sedan are quite funky. Considering a limo, the battery consumption for running the interior fittings would pave a great hindrance to the company’s main objective of deriving more mileage out of the stored charge. As a consequence, limos might require an additional battery source, which would further complicate the expense rate of the final product. Therefore, electric limos aren’t anywhere near the company’s pipeline for now.

Even when Tesla succeeds at attaining a firm stance of their objective by improvising on tech gear such that it aligns with a budget rate of a citizen belonging to the middle class, it won’t think about rolling out of its pipeline an electric limo. Of course, its reason is simple, the market demand for limousine vehicles is limited. Indeed, the new technology doesn’t start of targeting a market demand size, it starts off targeting wealthy consumers in societies. Better still, with an increase in the poverty rates of various nations, even thinking about the concept of electric limos is regarded as out of scope.

Who exactly makes a Limo and How?

Limousine vehicles are custom created and designed by people or agencies who require them. Here’s yet another good reason why Tesla won’t ever manufacture limousine vehicles. No car manufacturing company has ever rolled out a limousine version of its models. Normally, it is the job undertaken by coachwork companies who take a normal car and transform it into a limo.

The process involves cutting in half the original normal vehicle and then inserting tubes through welding. All the additional panels, windows, and driveline components are custom added by the coachwork company itself. The final product is a lengthy version of the original vehicle that has absolutely nothing to do with the main car manufacturer.

Every model of Tesla rolled out so far is expensive enough. Although the company is marked as the best electric car supplier globally, its total customer base is quite limited. Owing to a prodigious expense involved in first purchasing the car and then having it undergo custom transformation isn’t a thought crossing anyone’s mind lately. Plus, it requires an act of real courage and a fortune to do that with an uncertainty of the process being successful or not lurking in the open air.

Additionally, the main mission of Tesla is to transform the phenomenon of internal combustion engines in vehicles into electronic plug-in vehicles. To accomplish this, it’s not a requirement to test its hypothesis with every type of vehicle out there. It’s one of a few reasons why Tesla won’t spend its time, effort, or money on things that are rather distracting and misleading for their main mission. Tesla has higher priorities to attend to. Too limited market demand limos, that sell at a lesser profit margin aren’t worth the risk for this company.

It is a matter of the clock when Tesla takes a hit on advancing in tech gear to the point where it makes financial sense to dive into the topic of ‘some’ Tesla model’s transformation into its limo version at the customer-end only.

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