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Embrace The Third Eye

Perspective is how you see the world around you, it’s the lens in front of your eyes that filter, adjust, orient that is happening in its unique way. That perspective is what I believe makes a person unique. Just like I had an ID, a unique one, one that’s just for me, Perspective can be also seen as an ID, that may not be your only Identity but is as unique as you are. Perspective defines us. It is what makes us different. Of course, there are times when two people react the same or choose the same when provided with the same situations, but they will not make the same decisions have the same perspective in every life choices. This is because your perspective is not cognitive, it is a part of you that is grown, that is evolved along with your mind and physical body.

Yes, it existed when you were born, and honestly the most unbiased perspective you can ever have. It was there when you fell for the first time, and got up; when you made your debut decision. It was there when you always wanted someone by your side to be it your father or mother, it existed when you cried on your first day to school; when you played; when you won / or lost; when you made your first bike ride; when someone teased you; when you got involved in your first fight; when you rebel.

Moving to the teenage, It was there when you had your first crush; when you made your first opposite-sex friend; when you argued with parents; when you changed school; when you were jealous, angry, stubborn, heartbroken, proud and even when you were high ( Literally ).

As an adult, It is there ( with me ) while I am pursuing my graduation when I am writing this page when I had the idea about Perspective when I was observing when I was expressing myself in a certain way when I am learning as a student and teaching as a teacher. Now the road is long ahead, but I am pretty sure that this perspective will be there when I accomplish what I want when I become a father when I will lose someone (Everybody does, It is inevitable), or even at the time I am on my deathbed.

If you are paying enough attention, then you must acknowledge that Perspective is probably your longest companion. From the time we opened our eyes for the first time, to the time when we wish to close it, it is constantly there with us, every second of our bloody life. Fun fact, we humans are always oblivious about what we have and choose to focus on what we do not have and what we want. We are spending our life constantly thinking about having a partner or friend for the long journey ahead while ignoring that we already had one right within us. Maybe this is because it is so subtle to believe.

But here is the interesting part, Perspective is the only friend that is grown along with you, and It shaped you as a person while changing itself from the experience it has. Now you may not know about this always but this perspective is what that comes between you and the present. And since it is evolved along with you for so many years, it is stubborn to change. And this I believe is the cause of every argument, every misunderstanding, and every suffering. And that is actually where the title of this blog came to rescue.

The third perspective is something which is not grown along with you, but with someone else, it has its own experience and therefore it is evolved in its way. It is unique and belongs to a similarly unique person. It shaped someone else’s life as your perspective does yours but in a different way. Let’s just call this perspective, The Audience. Now Imagine with me a situation where we are Sports players, in a big open stadium, equivalent to the size of Earth and it is filled with The Audiences, i.e, the population of the world. Now every single member of the Audience has his/ her journey. Now you are centre of attention, the player on the field.

The game, well you guessed it right, It is life.

Now The Audience includes people who are in your favour or are critique. Either way, they are here to chant, and at every occasion will tell you what you should have done based on their perspective. Some might appreciate that you did the right thing, while the majority will say you should have done better. For you, every perspective is like a third perspective. Like every sports player we admired, we wanted to believe that The Audience and its perspective does not matter, and should not affect you. It is something they claim to be the reason for there unparalleled success, their fame, their bank account success, and their Rolls Royce. But the truth is, it is also the reason for unnecessary conflicts.

Since we see ourselves as a player of OUR game, our life, we protect ourselves by saying that The Audience wouldn’t know, they wouldn’t understand and all that debate about walking a mile in someone else’s shoes. They think their journey is unique ( which is true ), but they also believe that their problems are unique which is never the case. See, in case you haven’t got the idea yet, each member of the audience is a player also, in their stadium, playing their own game, just having a different seat, viewed and judged by their Audience which might or might not include you depending on the person. And having a belief that the audience wouldn’t have the idea, well in fact they do, not everyone but some of them, who have been there in that situation, in that same problem. Now how they reacted and what decisions they took might not be sounding like a concern to you but listening to that person might help you.

Its gives you a view of how the situation is from their seat, from that location. It helps in seeing your problem more clearly, forms a different angle, having a good vision, like a bird’s eye view. Their sense of right and wrong might be different but we are emotional driven species and its better to learn from someone else’s mistake than making your own and learning from them. Don’t get the wrong idea here, I am not telling you to always DEPEND on their perspective and waiting for someone to commit the mistake so you don’t have to do it. This will enrich their perspective, feed their mind not yours. The liberty to make your own mistake is probably the most valuable asset you would ever have. But it is not necessary to learn something the hard way when you have the option to learn it the easy way by just listening to someone who learnt the hard way. Its is similar like trusting your parents for the advice, the only difference is now everyone is a stranger, and it is not an easy task to trust a stranger.

But that is the decision you have to take because I am also a member of the Audience, and me writing this is similar to someone asking “Can I help ?” and it is my perspective that you are reading, it may or may not help, that you have to decide, because it is just an opinion, A THIRD PERSPECTIVE.



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